Brittanee Drexel Murder: Suspect In Teen’s Murder Denies Involvement, Her Dad Vows Justice [Video]

Just last week, law enforcement announced horrifying new developments in the Brittanee Drexel murder case. The revelations came from the August 15 testimony of an FBI agent who was desperately trying to prevent the man he says is responsible for the murder of Brittanee Drexel from being offered pretrial parole in an unrelated case. Agent Gerrick Munoz told the federal court that he had received credible information from an inmate by the name of Taquan Brown that Brown claimed to have seen Brittanee in her final hours and to know the fate of the missing teen.

Brittanee Drexel went missing in 2009; at the time of her disappearance the New York 17-year-old was vacationing in Myrtle Beach for spring break. Taquan Brown reportedly told agent Gerrick that he saw Brittanee immediately before her death, as she was being sexually assaulted in a human trafficking “safe house.” Brown reportedly told the FBI agent that Drexel later attempted to escape the house where she’d been held hostage and sexually assaulted for days, but was caught, shot in cold blood, and her body was dumped in a local “alligator pit” to destroy the evidence.

The man responsible for the murder of Brittanee Drexel? According to Brown, it was Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor, who was just a 16-year-old at the time of Brittanee’s abduction and murder.

Now, Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor is speaking out about the murder of Brittanee Drexel for the first time publicly. As WHEC 10 reports, Taylor released a statement Wednesday. In the statement, which was released to the public by his attorney David Aylor, Taylor unequivocally denies having anything to do with the murder of Brittanee Drexel. In fact, he denies having anything to do with Drexel at all.

“I had no involvement with anything to do with Brittanee Drexel. I don’t know Taquan Brown and I don’t know why he would call my name. I am being prosecuted again for a crime I already helped them solve and already did my time for, all because some guy in prison is trying to cut a deal. It’s not fair to be charged for the same crime twice and that’s not how our system is supposed to work.”

The crime Taylor was “already prosecuted for” was a 2011 robbery for which he’s already done time. Reportedly, prosecutors are considering levying new charges against him in connection with that incident.

Taylor’s lawyer went on to say that that law enforcement is simply trying to “squeeze Mr. Taylor for information of which he has no knowledge.”

Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor’s public denial of involvement in the murder of Brittanee Drexel comes as Chad Drexel, Brittanee’s father, is vowing justice for his daughter. According to Mr. Drexel, he has hired a private investigator and has far more evidence against Taylor than the testimony of a jailhouse informant.

Chad Drexel is refusing to divulge the nature of his “evidence” against Taylor just yet; he reportedly wants to ensure that it is used to convict the man he says killed Brittanee. At this point, Mr. Drexel has repeatedly claimed that his ultimate goal is that whoever is behind Brittanee’s murder gets what’s coming to them.

“I want the community to know that… they messed with the wrong person and family on this case. I will not stop and I will use all means to put whatever they’re doing and whoever is involved away for a long time and I have the backing of the U.S. government on that.”

Chad Drexel even stated during a recent radio interview that he unwittingly made contact with the prime suspect in his daughter’s disappearance and murder years ago. As People reports, Mr. Drexel was handing out missing person fliers in South Carolina back in 2013 in a desperate attempt to find his missing daughter when he inadvertently handed one to Taylor.

According to Drexel, Taylor “rubbed him the wrong way” even then, even before he knew of his alleged involvement in his daughter’s murder.

“I gave him the flier. He had a car full of brothers, friends. He handed the flier to one guy in the back seat. They all laughed and then drove away and threw the flier out the window.”

According to Chad Drexel, he was in the area looking for his daughter because it was near where her cell phone had last “pinged” following her disappearance.

At this point, law enforcement and Brittanee Drexel’s heartbroken family are facing an uphill battle to provide the allegedly abducted, raped, and murdered teen with the justice she deserves. Despite the testimony of FBI agent Gerrick Munoz linking Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor to the murder of Brittanee Drexel, a federal judge granted the young man bond, and he is currently out of custody.

Reportedly, Taylor’s bond was set at $10,000, which he posted almost immediately following the sworn testimony that placed him as the trigger man in the murder of Brittanee Drexel.

[Image via Drexel Family/FBI]