‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Won The ‘BB18’ HOH Competition Thursday Night? [Breaking]

Big Brother 18 spoilers about who won the September 1 HOH competition are coming out. The BB18 house began the battle to become the new Head of Household during the September 1 episode, but it didn’t get completed before the one-hour program had come to an end. It had to be finished on the CBS live feeds, with that information provided in this article as it plays out live. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, earlier in the evening, it was Michelle Meyer who got evicted by a 3-2 vote.

As for the latest Big Brother 18 spoilers, the online feeds turned back on to reveal how far the houseguests had made it in the competition. It is a familiar challenge, where the houseguests each had to work from inside a mesh hen house, moving eggs along the outside with just their fingertips. The object was to move those eggs to a ramp and knock down three letters (H.O.H.) in order to win the competition. The first one to knock down all three letters would be named the Week 11 Head of Household.

Corey Brooks, James Huling, Natalie Negrotti, Paul Abrahamian, and Victor Arroyo were the five competing houseguests. Nicole Franzel had to sit out the competition, as she was the outgoing HOH. These Big Brother 18 spoilers continue by noting that everyone got a letter knocked down before James, but it was very tough for the houseguests to get eggs to the ramp quickly. After lots of drops and rolls, Corey was the first player to knock down a second letter, putting him just one letter from taking the power in the BB18 house again.

Continuing with the Big Brother 18 spoilers, Victor Arroyo was next to knock down his second letter, closely followed by Natalie Negrotti. Corey and Victor each missed their next shot, with Natalie accidentally dropping her potential winning egg on the ramp. Corey then rolled one that nearly took out the third letter, only to roll the wrong direction at the very end of the ramp. At this point of the competition, James Huling still had not knocked down a single letter in the competition. Paul Abrahamian had only knocked down one, with another egg rolling between the sides of one letter.

Natalie also had several chances to knock down the third letter first, but was having a lot of trouble getting the eggs to stay intact on the ramp. Natalie kept having the eggs break as they hit the ramp, causing them to not roll “true” as they went down the ramp. Natalie, Victor, and Corey repeatedly had chances to knock off the third letter first, but each time the egg would either roll through the legs of the “H” or off the side of the ramp. It was very obvious that the three competitors were getting frustrated. It was also obvious how important it was to them to get the BB18 power.

There are going to be many Big Brother 18 rumors about James Huling throwing this competition, because he did about as bad as humanly possible. It would be a bad time to throw a challenge, though, as losing it would put him and Natalie Negrotti at risk of being nominated and going to the BB18 jury very soon. While the others were still trying to knock down their third letter (for about 20 minutes), Paul finally knocked down his second to catch up. That tied four people with two letters down, right before James finally knocked down that first letter.

This whole HOH competition is going to make for great television when it gets shown to the CBS audience during the Sunday, September 4, episode of Big Brother 18. After numerous attempts, too many to count here, Victor Arroyo was the first person to knock down his third letter and win what turned out to be an extremely long challenge. Victor now has control of the BB18 house, likely guaranteeing that Paul Abrahamian is also safe and putting the two “showmances” into panic mode.

As the Week 11 HOH, Victor will have to quickly come up with his nominations for eviction. Those will be announced on Friday (September 2), likely in the afternoon so that producers can gather a lot of footage as the houseguests talk about what might happen next. It also gives a lot of room for many additional Big Brother 18 spoilers to come out, including whether any shifts in alliances take place over the next 24 hours.

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