‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Spoilers From September 1 Episode, ‘BB18’ Jury Gets New Member, New HOH Competition Held

This September 1 Big Brother 18 recap comes from the Thursday night episode. The BB18 house had named two nominees and played out the Veto, so the show now had to decide who would become the latest member of the BB18 jury. The focal point of this installment was how the house had become divided and how each side felt that a different target was about to get evicted. This episode of the show was aired by CBS on Thursday, September 1, at 9 p.m. PT/ET.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there were a lot of important facts that have come out over the past week. Nicole Franzel won the Head of Household competition after James Huling agreed to throw it for safety. That created a situation where Nicole protected James and Natalie Negrotti during the nominations, but later expressed regret that she had made the deal. Nicole nominated Paul Abrahamian and Michelle Meyer for eviction, deciding then to keep the nominations the same after she won the Power of Veto.

The September 1 Big Brother 18 recap begins with the familiar “previously on Big Brother” segment to open the episode. Nicole was shown deciding that Michelle would be her main target, Paul volunteered to go up on the block, and a final four alliance was agreed upon between Nicole, Corey Brooks, Paul, and Victor Arroyo. After considering going after James or Natalie, Nicole stated that “to be the best you have to take out the best” in some past footage. James had a Diary Room session where he then pointed out how Paul needed to remain the target.

Right out of the gate with the latest episode, host Julie Chen stated that “tonight’s vote will be a game-changer.” Julie Chen wasn’t wrong, as the two sides of the BB18 house had different goals in mind for Thursday night. Michelle Meyer got the first “new” Diary Room session, showing that she was a bit nervous after the Veto ceremony took place. Then the telecast shifted to Corey in a Diary Room session discussing his Care Package and how he might need to use it very soon. But before that could be dealt with, the new final four alliance had to have extensive discussions in the HOH room.

Though the live feed viewers have known about some of the Big Brother 18 spoilers for a while, production finally started showing how split up the BB18 house has been this season. James Huling and Natalie Negrotti were shown talking with Paul Abrahamian, noting that they weren’t going to vote to evict Michelle Meyer. Paul acted like he didn’t know what the other side of the house was considering, but some footage of Nicole Franzel showed that she was ready to be the tie-break vote in a move to send Michelle to the BB18 jury.

Midway through the September 1 Big Brother 18 episode, it was time to start showing all the discussions that had taken place about the Care Package Corey Brooks had received. Corey had a really hard time figuring out how the bribe would work. What it boiled down to was that Corey had $5,000 to bribe any contestant to do one thing that would directly benefit his game. In the end, Nicole and Corey decided to offer the bribe to Victor Arroyo in order to secure his vote against Michelle in the upcoming eviction. Victor accepted the bribe and now must vote against Michelle.

When the producers were done showing taped footage, it was time for Julie Chen to talk with the houseguests. She let them know that there will be no more double evictions this season, putting to bed some rumors that had been going around the house. Then she began showing family videos to each of the houseguests, sending Natalie and Paul into tears. All seven seemed extremely pleased to get some contact with their families after nearly 79 days in the BB18 house. It was then time to get to the “live” eviction for Thursday night.

A number of promotional commercials aired that gave fans hints about when Big Brother 19 would premiere. More information about that can be found at the end of this September 1 Big Brother 18 recap. Once they returned from the commercials, it was time to allow the two nominees to give their speeches about wanting to remain in the BB18 house for the rest of the summer. Paul Abrahamian talked about friendship and then Michelle Meyer talked about crying in front of Julie Chen if they didn’t vote to keep her in the game.

In the voting, Victor Arroyo started it out, placing his vote to evict Michelle. Natalie Negrotti then went second, voting to evict Paul Abrahamian. Corey Brooks voted against Michelle and then James Huling voted against Paul. That created a 2-2 tie that would have to be broken by Head of Household Nicole Franzel. Nicole voted to evict Michelle, making her the fifth member of the BB18 jury. Michelle did not exit quietly, though, dishing a number of insults toward Nicole as she told everyone to get her out as soon as possible.

At the “live” BB18 HOH competition, James, Corey, Natalie, Paul, and Victor were playing for the power and a chance to control which duo would be guaranteed to make it to the final five. Everyone knew how important it is to win the competition, especially Nicole, who had to sit out as the former Head of Household. It didn’t finish during the episode, though, as it was a form of endurance challenge. It was the familiar egg competition, where the houseguests had to maneuver the eggs around and outside a coop with a mesh fence. It will likely be completed on the live feeds.

That brings a close to the September 1 Big Brother 18 recap, but for fans interested in reading about the next season, a previous report by the Inquisitr reveals what Big Brother 19 will look like this fall.

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