‘Big Brother 19’ Season Premiere Scheduled: Fall Installment To Be Called ‘Big Brother: Over The Top’

Big Brother 19 season premiere time has nearly arrived. News about the BB19 cast hasn’t been revealed yet, but some information has been leaked about what CBS is going to do with the online fall installment of the show. The title of the show is Big Brother: Over the Top, with all episodes to be shown through the CBS All Access application. A report from Joker’s Updates has spilled this BB19 news, giving fans something to look forward to once the summer 2016 season comes to a close.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, BB19 is going to be entirely through the online application. CBS is trying to drive more viewers to its All Access platform, using the reality competition show as a way to bring over a static audience. CBS has a number of new shows that will also only be available online, making this a really large endeavor to create more website traffic for the company. It has afforded fans of the Big Brother franchise a unique opportunity during the fall.

The Big Brother: Over the Top season premiere is scheduled for Wednesday, September 28. That is one week after the Big Brother 18 season finale, giving a full week to promote the next installment of the franchise. There are certain to be many BB19 cast rumors before that time, especially with how much buzz the casting process has already created online. CBS will need to do that so all the television viewers become very aware that the next season won’t be in the normal time slots.

There was a recent report that CBS put on its main website about the online version, with the intent to spark a lot of interest on social media. It succeeded in doing just that, possibly taking some attention away from Big Brother 18. The casting has been open for a while as well, so it’s possible producers already have an idea about which direction they will go and what the theme for fall 2016 will be for the houseguests. What hasn’t been revealed, though, is just how the episodes are going to work for the different time zones.

Marc DeBevoise, President and Chief Operating Officer of CBS Interactive, gave a brief statement about the upcoming show and just how Big Brother: Over the Top is going to work when it premieres online.

Big Brother is an incredible success on the CBS Television Network and has always been ahead of its time when it comes to fan engagement. Already, the Big Brother Live Feeds are some of the most popular content on CBS All Access and with this new digital edition we will explore ways to reimagine this format for multi-platform audiences.”

There are still a lot of questions about whether the Big Brother 19 season premiere is going to be able to draw in a lot of viewers while going up against the return of network television for the fall. Will the production team have a way to get people to turn on the live feeds at regular intervals to see what is going on with the BB19 cast? They have already been advertising that all competitions will be shown live and in their entirety, so it could be very interesting to see if the online audience becomes enthralled with long endurance competitions that could take multiple hours to complete.

Host Julie Chen is also returning for fall 2016, but it’s not clear how much involvement she will have with the online version. At least fans now have a date to go with the latest Big Brother rumors, but now everyone is looking forward to hearing about who might be a part of the BB19 cast. Could they try an All-Stars cast? Will it be entirely composed of new houseguests? More Big Brother 19 spoilers and rumors are going to come out within the next few weeks, especially with less than a month remaining until the BB19 season premiere.

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