‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Gets Evicted September 1, Live Feed Updates From ‘BB18’ House

Big Brother 18 spoilers shine a light on who will get evicted on September 1. The live feeds for the BB18 house have provided a lot of information to fans over the past week, including how the final six will look for Week 11. The CBS live feeds from Thursday have provided confirmation about who will be a member of the BB18 jury very soon. That news might not be shocking to viewers of the feeds, but it is certainly going to come as a shock to two of the houseguests.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Care Package bribe has been used, giving Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks a bit of an advantage going into the “live” eviction on Thursday night. Nicole has been playing both sides of the BB18 house, first agreeing to protect James Huling and Natalie Negrotti for the week, and then coming to an agreement with Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo. She even convinced Paul to go up on the block as a pawn for the Week 10 nominations.

Some of the other important Big Brother 18 spoilers from Week 10 include HOH Nicole nominating Paul Abrahamian and Michelle Meyer, Nicole winning the Power of Veto, and then Nicole choosing not to use the Veto when given the opportunity. That leaves Michelle and Paul on the block for the Thursday night eviction ceremony, guaranteeing one of them will join the BB18 jury before the night has ended. Who got evicted September 1 will likely lead to some interesting jury footage next week.

So how will the eviction vote play out on Thursday night? James Huling and Natalie Negrotti are voting to evict Paul. The duo is convinced that Nicole wants Paul out of the house as soon as possible, with his strength in competitions and an impressive social game being the main reasons. This has led to James and Natalie trying to convince Michelle that she is safe and that there is no way she will be joining the BB18 jury on Thursday night. At this point, they couldn’t be more wrong about their assessment.

As anyone who has been watching the live feeds is aware, the Care Package bribe was used by Corey Brooks to ensure that the eviction vote goes how Nicole Franzel wants. That led to the current Big Brother 18 spoilers of Corey and Victor Arroyo voting to evict Michelle, creating a 2-2 tie that must be broken by the Head of Household. Nicole is ready to make that vote, already having planned out her speech that she will give to Michelle after she votes to evict her. Michelle Meyer is about to become the fifth member of the BB18 jury.

By the end of the September 1 episode, there are going to be three duos left competing for a shot at the $500,000 prize awarded at the Big Brother 18 season finale. Nicole won’t be able to compete in the next Head of Household competition, leaving Paul, Victor, James, Natalie, and Corey to battle it out for the power. Everything is on the line for each of the duos, as it is guaranteed that no matter what happens at the HOH competition, the Week 11 nominations will be used as an attempt to break up one of the duos.

Things are going to get very interesting once Michelle Meyer gets evicted, especially since it means that all of the duos have to officially pick sides. If James Huling or Natalie Negrotti win the HOH, will they target the other showmance or the two guys who are great at competitions? There is going to be a lot of action in the BB18 house next week, likely leading to many new Big Brother 18 spoilers about who might get evicted next.

[Image via CBS]