Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child Allegedly Discussed In The Actor’s New Book

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child spent a day out on the town with mom on the eve of the former governor’s book release. While the actor turned politician was busy with a mega publicity blitz to promote his new autobiography, his son Joseph Baena was photographed shopping at a pet store with his mom. It has been nearly a year since the mother and son were photographed publicly, opting to keep a low profile after prior media appearances, E! Online notes.

Mildred Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair had to be quite embarrassing for wife Maria Shriver. The movie star and the housekeeper somehow managed to keep both their sexual encounter and the child they spawned together secret from his very intelligent wife. Joseph, now 14, resembles his father significantly. He has a similar hulking physique and once sported curly brown hair.

During interviews to garner attention for his memoir, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Story, Schwarzenegger has uttered more than a few mea culpas for his past transgressions. During a clip from his 60 Minutes interview posted on 411 Mania, the actor revealed that Maria Shriver is wishing him well with everything that he does, but added his ex-wife has not yet read his book.


Total Recall:My Unbelievably True Story allegedly includes juicy tidbits about a guest house romp with Baena in 1996, when Shriver and the couple’s four children were away on vacation. Schwarzenegger has always been a popular actor, but publishing details which could likely embarrass his children might not please all of his fans. While some readers may enjoy the salacious details about the affair with the housekeeper, others may find it in extremely poor taste to add insult to injury in regards to the highly-publicized scandal. Arnold’s book is set to be released on October 1, a day before his love child’s birthday.