Every Time Donald Trump Makes A Policy Speech, He’s Pushing Someone Else’s Platform

Donald Trump Doesn’t Have To Know Anything

The New York Times is reporting that there is a leaked script of what people within Donald Trump’s campaign team want him to say for a interview he’s going to be giving at a black church in Detroit on Friday.

One should take into account that everything Donald Trump has had to say has been fed to him from other people, because he doesn’t know enough to say the words himself.

It’s in this case we should also admit that the man is a robot. And if he is as much Ronald Reagan as his running mate Mike Pence has said he was when he first joined the team, then he’s likely referring to the Ronald Reagan who did what Don Regan told him to do.

That was, after all, the same guy who was the head of Merrill Lynch, who was caught telling the president at the NYSE balcony to “hurry up” his speech, when he was in his second term. Howard Baker would later admit that Regan was turning into a prime minister.

Don Regan is was the guy who is rumored to be the Wall Street puppet master behind Ronald Reagan. White House Chief of Staff Don Regan (left) and U.S. President Ronald Reagan (right) walking on the White House lawn in 1985. [Photo by Barry Thumma/AP Images]In this case, who really was or is the president?

Many of the Republican candidates running during the primaries were devout worshipers of Ronald Reagan, with candidates such as Ted Cruz trying to look like him, and you only have to glance at Mitt Romney; all of those guys with the Reagan hair are trying to look like the former Republican president.

Ronald Reagan’s administration only appeared as if it was run by a strongman, but it was really an open opportunity for special interests to gain footing into the system. And what we’ve seen with the Donald Trump campaign is a blatant willingness to do just that.

Billionaire Downgrades To The Oval Office?

Donald Trump would have to take a significant pay cut to be president. The U.S. president’s salary is said to be at $400,000 a year. If it’s true that Donald Trump is worth $4 billion, then he might have to angle something else while he’s president in order to keep that amount for at least four years of his presidency to take the pay cut. [Photo by Ad Meskens | Wikimedia Commons | CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL ]In an op-ed published on Inquisitr, Donald Trump’s speech on the economy was referred to as worthless because of the fact that he’s a billionaire pushing for tax reform.

Really? The American people are supposed to buy that?

Donald Trump’s yearly cut as leader of the people would be cut significantly, unless he made some backroom deals to recover his losses, which is easy to do when he has the oligarchs in his pocket.

Donald Trump owned mansions and he's looking to downgrade to having just one? This was a mansion that Donald Trump apparently flipped in 2004, selling it to a Russian oligarch for $41 million in 2006/2008 in Florida. [Photo by Steve Mitchell/AP Images]President Obama no doubt has some sweet deals coming from his presidency, which the Republicans won’t hold him to account because they would be looking at themselves in the mirror.

But it’s very clear that Donald Trump already has this set-up of “stealing from the poor to give to the rich” because it has always been part of Donald Trump’s business. So, he couldn’t run as president with that kind of pay cut. He’d have to settle for something sweeter.

Trump Is A Well-Trained Circus Act

Here’s a section from the piece by the New York Times that clarifies the mentioned leak.

“Instead of speaking to the congregation at Great Faith Ministries International, Mr. Trump will be interviewed by its pastor in a session that will be closed to the public and news media, with questions submitted in advance. And instead of letting Mr. Trump be his freewheeling self, his campaign has prepared lengthy answers for the submitted questions, consulting black Republicans to make sure he says the right things.”

It’s been reported that Donald Trump hit a “home-run” with his latest immigration speech in Arizona. Obviously, the reason he did is because his team had the time to put something together — between controversies — which he obviously practiced in order to be right on the mark.


One of the obvious issues with Donald Trump’s campaign is the manipulation of the facts, where he puts something out there for the media to chew on and break apart for a bit, and when his team is doing public relations work, they’re spinning whatever the media throws at them however they can.

If being presidential for Donald Trump means that he’s using someone else’s words and being a mouthpiece for their policies, then he’s exactly what the Republican Party has been looking for.

Where We’re At?

Despite the fact that Donald Trump has said that he’s going to do it himself, he’s relied on the influence from his team to be the voice of his platform.

If he were a man of the people, we wouldn’t have seen the display we’ve been forced to see for over a year now. Finally, he’s getting centered with a diabolically smart group of nationalists who are quick to create a platform and are only using Donald Trump as their bullhorn.

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