Lost Dog Found Two Years, 1,100 Miles Later; Abandoned Canine Rescued After Tossed In River

We’ve dug up two dog news stories that are remarkable, and that’s putting it lightly. One involves a woman’s beloved canine that went missing. Two years later, the animal lover reunited with her companion after someone found it in Detroit, over 1,000 miles from home. Another is about a dog that was rescued after someone hurled it into a river.

Recently, a dog named Zeus made an incredible journey home after being lost for two years! Back in August of 2014, Zeus managed to scale the fence of his owner’s home in Ocala, Florida. After getting past the barrier, the animal thought it would be fun to explore the area, but it was not long before he was lost, reported Fox 2 Detroit.

Zeus’ owner, Debi Petranck, spent several days searching for her beloved animal, but her search was in vain; Zeus was nowhere to be found. Despite the odds, Petranck remained hopeful, but she would never have imagined the dog would be located in another state.

On April 12th, 2016, everyone was surprised to find Zeus — safe and sound. Reportedly, Zeus was found in Dearborn, Michigan, which means that he made a journey of 1,100 miles, based on MapQuest. How was he able to make this incredible distance alone, walking the entire way?

After the Dearborn Animal Shelter had found Zeus, they contacted Petranck as quickly as possible. As soon as she heard the news, Petranck made the journey to Michigan retrieve her long lost dog.

As soon as Zeus noticed his owner, he ran toward her at full speed. The reunion was very emotional, filled with hugs and kisses, the happy woman said.

“Where have you been, where have you been. Oh, dear God, I have missed you so much.”

Many speculate how Zeus ended up in Michigan. Most believe that he walked, but others suggest that he been picked up by someone before being deposited in Michigan. No matter how he ended up there; it is nice to see that he is back home where he belongs. Home, sweet, home!

Recently, a dog named Luna was thrown over a bridge and into a rapidly moving river. Luckily, an animal rescuer was in the right spot and at the right time, wrote Life with Dogs. They were able to save the hapless dog without giving it a second thought. The Good Samaritan saw where the dog landed and was able to pick her up before things went awry — quick, fast and in a hurry.

Flori, the person that rescued Luna from a watery grave, is a member of a rescue group in Costa Rica named Charlie’s Angels (see them at work on another mission below). Flori’s day was quite peaceful until the automobile in front of her ejected something from its front seat.

According to Flori, the animal had been kept in a white garbage bag, but she soon saw that the bag held a dog inside. After rescuing the animal, Flori noticed the condition of the animal: her fur was severely matted, and she could barely move.

Furthermore, the hair on Luna’s tail had become entangled in her coat and the in the strands on her hind legs. Flori concluded that the animal had been the victim of abuse for quite some time — probably its whole life.

After saving the animal, Flori rushed her to an animal doctor for emergency treatment. The veterinarian determined that Luna had a fever, had been very malnourished and was in horrible shape.

Flori tried to help the animal recover from the abuse she had suffered; online donations made it possible for the animal to find a new family that would care for her. In the end, despite her harsh beginnings, Luna has recovered from the years of torment and currently lives with a new family that treats her kindly.

[Photo by bestjeroen/Shutterstock]