WWE News: Goldberg Hints At Fighting Seth Rollins

Goldberg is in New York City helping 2K Sports promote the new WWE 2K17 video game. He is also involved in some of the best WWE rumors heading into Summerslam as many people wonder if he will show up and start a feud with Brock Lesnar. However, in a recent interview with #Trending20, Goldberg said he might have other plans first.

In the interview, Goldberg was asked if he would want to fight anyone appearing on this weekend’s Summerslam card. It was a clear lure to get Goldberg to bite on the Brock Lesnar WWE rumors, but he didn’t bite and threw out another name instead – Seth Rollins.

“Is Seth Rollins in it? Because he opened his little crossfit mouth this morning about me. And I don’t know that little guy, and I’d like to introduce him to this [motions his fist]. Because if I think about this correctly, it’s probably the size of his face. So yeah, he’d be the guy I go after. I’d take Brock [Lesnar] next.”

The Goldberg comments came after ESPN interviewed Seth Rollins on their First Take TV show. In that interview, Seth was asked if he would ever consider wrestling Bill Goldberg if he came back to the WWE. Rollins said he would wrestle Goldberg any day of the week because Goldberg was past his prime.

Seth Rollins was one of the top WWE stars that ESPN was interviewing over the weekend about Summerslam. Most of the time, Seth was conducting the interview out of character, answering questions honestly, and just talking about his path to wrestling and his excitement about this weekend’s big show.

That makes one wonder about Rollins comments about Goldberg being past his prime. If Seth was so honest about most things, including him really putting over his opponent Finn Balor, one has to think that Rollins was shooting from the hip about his opinion of Goldberg as well.

Of course, the huge WWE rumors this weekend surrounding Goldberg and Brock Lesnar has made the former WCW and WWE star a huge topic of conversation, even overshadowing many of the WWE talents appearing at Summerslam this weekend. While a lot of fans might want to see Brock Lesnar and Goldberg fight, that likely wouldn’t happen until WrestleMania next year.

A Goldberg and Seth Rollins match could happen in the meantime, and if Rollins wins the new WWE Universal title this weekend, it would mean Goldberg could have something to fight for. That could allow Goldberg to make his WWE return and then shake off the ring rust against one of the most talented wrestlers in the WWE right now.

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There is one caveat to these Goldberg WWE rumors, though. As the Inquisitr previously reported, WWE Hall of Fame legend Bret “The Hitman” Hart has been continuously slamming Seth Rollins over the fact that Seth wrestles sloppy at times and pointed out that Rollins injured both John Cena and Sting, with Seth ending the career of the former WCW legend.

Bret Hart also added Goldberg to his Rollins complaints, since it was a misplaced Goldberg superkick that caused the concussion that ended Hart’s wrestling career. It is interesting that Hart compared the sloppiness of Seth Rollins and Goldberg and now WWE rumors indicate that the two might end up mixing it up before everything is said and done this Summerslam weekend.

[Photo by Erik S. Lesser/AP Images]