WWE News: Paige May Have New Theme Music For Her Return To WWE

In the latest WWE news, the return of Paige to the main roster seems to be getting closer than ever and she may have some updates to her entrance. The former two-time WWE Divas Champion has been on a hiatus for over a year but seems due back in the coming weeks or months. While her official return has been kept under wraps, Paige has been sharing photos of her having positive days at the WWE Performance Center for her comeback training. In addition, a teaser of a potential new theme song for the "Anti-Diva" was just released online.

As reported by Sportskeeda's Nilanjan Das, an acoustic version of what may be Paige's new theme song was released online. The song is by Shayla who originally sang Paige's first theme song called "Stars In the Night." The new acoustic version of "Paige" can be heard on the following Instagram video. It's certainly different in comparison to her original song as it is performed acoustically and doesn't have that edgy hard rock sound of Paige's original theme music. However, it's likely that this will be given a different backing and feel by the time Paige makes her official "re-debut" on the main roster.

WWE paige new theme song
WWE superstar Paige may have a new theme song when she finally returns to WWE. [Image by WWE]

When that return will happen is still unknown. It's possible that WWE is saving Paige's return for a big moment and they don't want to interfere with other plans. Rumors have suggested that Paige would make her return to be a part of the SmackDown Live roster. She was originally drafted to Raw during the WWE Draft last summer, but didn't participate in matches there much and eventually was suspended twice. She was then involved in rehabbing her neck issue and of course, involved with former WWE star Alberto Del Rio and his drama.

There are plenty of fans who will be excited to see Paige make her return, though. Giving her a new theme song could be WWE's way of repackaging her ahead of the release of the biopic movie they are part of with Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson. It's also a way to possible re-introduce her for a fresh start after all the things that have happened over the past year. Fans will have to wait and see, or hear, just how different the new song is from the original, though.

WWE fans, how do you feel about Paige getting an updated entrance song? Is her original the way to go since it's what people associated with her already?

[Featured Image by WWE]