Jada Taylor: 10-Month-Old Baby Dies After Detroit Mom Accidentally Ran Over Her With Car

Tragedy struck a family from Detroit after a 10-month-old toddler was killed after her mother accidentally ran over the baby in the driveway of a relative’s home. According to The Detroit News, the incident happened on Thursday night in the driveway of a home located in the 19500 block of Westmoreland in Detroit. The little baby was later identified as 10-month-old Jada Taylor.

According to initial reports, the mother of Jada Taylor was about to wash her 20012 Ford Explorer in the driveway of the home when the accident happened. According to eyewitnesses, Jada Taylor was playing with several other children under the supervision of an adult when the the little child suddenly moved to the front of the vehicle. Oblivious to the fact that her own baby was in front of her car. The 25-year-old mother started the vehicle which moved forward and hit Jada, hurting her seriously. Jada was quickly taken to a nearby hospital where she was declared dead on arrival. Police officers have not yet released the name of Jada Taylor’s mother. Police officers from the Detroit Police Department have confirmed the death of a toddler following an accident. According to Officer Nicole Kirkwood, a spokeswoman for the Detroit Police Department, an investigation has been launched into the incident. At this time, police do not suspect foul play.

Meanwhile, relatives of little Jada Taylor, especially her grandmother, Mandy Jackson are unable to comprehend what has happened. A pall of gloom descended over the family residence. Several relatives were seen embracing each other, comforting themselves and wiping tears as they come to terms with the terrible loss.

“This is breaking everybody’s heart,” Jackson told reporters.

Officer Nicole Kirkwood too, confirmed the sequence of events that led to the tragedy and added that at this time no charges have been filed against anyone. She also confirmed that a preliminary investigation has been completed which seems to corroborate what the eyewitnesses told police officers.

The mother of the toddler is reported to be a 25-year-old nursing student. At the time of filing this article, no charges were filed against her. Authorities also remained mum when asked about the same.

“It was a tragic accident, but we’re still investigating,” Kirkwood said.

According to Mandy Jackson, baby Jada’s grandmother, the family had just bought the 2002 Ford Explorer to help the mother commute to her classes. Jackson added that her daughter was a devoted mother who was committed to finishing her studies, get a good job and provide for her kids.

“Her goal was to finish classes so she could get a good job and provide for her babies,” Jackson said.

According to a family friend who was at the home, the young mother was also known for doting on her “stair-step” children while reiterating that everything was just an unfortunate accident.

“She’s a sweet person. She’s a good person. She took care of her kids.”

As for little Jada, the baby had only recently learned to walk and used to toddle around a lot. Her grandmother was certain that she would turn out to be the brightest kid in the family.

“She was going to be the brightest of them all,” Mandy told reporters.

Meanwhile, baby Jada’s mother was listed to be at a hospital following the incident, reports stated that she has been distraught by the turn of events and was constantly asking staff members that she be taken to her baby.

The family, in the meantime is preparing for the funeral of the baby. When asked about funeral arrangements, Mandy Jackson said that it is now too early to discuss funeral arrangements. “I don’t know how we’re going to do it, but they’re going to need help from everybody,” she added.

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