Donald Trump’s Dead Campaign: Can A Campaign Shake-Up Save The Republican Candidate?

There’s no getting around the fact that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is dead. According to the Daily Wire, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton now maintains a 6 point national lead over Trump, whilst also having a considerable advantage in many of the swing states that will decide the election. That’s quite the lead considering that Republican candidate Donald Trump was level with Clinton only a month ago. So where did it all go wrong for Donald Trump, and can he bring his campaign back from the dead with a major shake-up?

According to CNN, with less than three months until election day, Donald Trump’s campaign is undergoing a massive staff shake-up, introducing senior new team members with a plan to again change the image of the struggling campaign. Those include Steve Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News, as the campaign’s new chief executive and Kellyanne Conway, who was a senior advisor, is now the new campaign manager.

The new staffing additions are being seen as brash choices by Donald Trump, with his campaign looking to once again shift their focus to that of an outsider looking to shake up the political establishment. It was the basis that Donald Trump built his campaign upon. However, he’s shifted closer to the Republican establishment in recent months, whilst maintaining his ability to insult just about anybody under the sun. It’s a strategy that has now failed Donald Trump, and his campaign is clearly panicking about it.

Of course, Donald Trump’s shift to a more conventional campaign was influenced by three of his most senior advisors, his children: Donald, Jr., Eric, and Ivanka Trump. It was a strategy they hoped would work given Hillary Clinton’s serious political credentials and Trump’s need to appeal to mainstream voters. However, in doing so, Trump has seemingly abandoned the crowd he originally appealed to, which explains his falling numbers in the polls.


Donald Trump’s campaign now has a very serious decision to make. Do they continue down the path of trying to appeal to mainstream voters who plan on casting their ballot for Hillary Clinton this November or instead return to their roots and appeal to those disenfranchised with mainstream politics?

However, Donald Trump’s problem is that he can’t appeal to both.

Donald Trump appears to have opted for the latter strategy in once again appealing to his core support base, however, he can’t win on that support alone. With more and more big names within the Republican party now coming out to say that they’re casting their ballot for Hillary Clinton in November, Trump doesn’t even appear to have the support of his own party.

So can Donald Trump revive his dead campaign? In short, no. The truth of the matter is, Donald Trump has alienated far too many demographics to rely on their support on getting to the White House. However, perhaps his most crucial mistake was alienating the group that set him off down this road in the first place. Where will that demographic and just about everyone else Trump has alienated end up? With Hillary Clinton, of course.

Within a matter of mere weeks, the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency has gone from a very real possibility to something that now just can’t happen. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is dead and the Republican candidate only has himself to blame.

Congratulations, Madam President.

[Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images]