Milwaukee Riots Live Streaming Video Shows Race Issues More Than Skin Deep


Donald Trump speaks in Wisconsin live. Watch live streaming video below. Check the video above for more live streaming coverage on Black Lives Matter protests in Milwaukee.

Live streaming video of the Milwaukee riots shows that the race issues sparking outrage, protests, and violence are more than skin deep. Violent protests and riots besieged the Wisconsin city after the shooting death of Sylville K. Smith on Saturday, August 13. Since then, nights have been filled with rioting, violence, and looting. Will the riots continue?

The Milwaukee Police department issued a press release regarding the shooting.

“A Milwaukee Police officer shot and killed an armed suspect fleeing from a car on Milwaukee’s North Side.”

“The incident began when two uniformed MPD officers stopped two suspects in a car in the 3200 block of N. 44th Street at about 3:30 p.m. on August 13. Shortly after stopping the suspects, both occupants fled from the car on foot. The officers pursued the suspects, and during the foot pursuit one officer shot one suspect, armed with a semiautomatic handgun, in a yard also in the 3200 block of N. 44th Street. The suspect died from his injuries at the scene.”

“The suspect is a 23-year-old Milwaukee man with lengthy arrest record. The handgun he was armed with was taken in a burglary in Waukesha in March of this year. The victim of that burglary reported 500 rounds of ammunition were also stolen with the handgun.”

“The officer is a 24-year-old, male, assigned to MPD’s District 7. He has six years of service with MPD, three years as an officer. He was not injured and, as is standard practice, will be placed on administrative duty during the investigation and subsequent review by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office.”

It was later announced the officer who fatally shot Smith was African-American. The news has caused many to ask if the Milwaukee riots were a matter of black and white or black and blue? Meanwhile, reports surfaced that rioters were targeting white people for the attack. Some are denying that the attacks occurred, but you can clearly hear people in the following video targeting white people.

Violent response to the shooting occurred quickly. By Saturday night, rioters had smashed police car windows, set fire to buildings, and a gas station burned to the ground. Police officers and other law enforcement officials provided updates through social media.

Video footage from August 13, first night of Milwaukee riots.

Video footage from August 14, second night of Milwaukee riots.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke held a press conference regarding the unrest at the Milwaukee riots. He has also been vocal on news media as well as Twitter. Some of his tweets and comments regarding the cause of the Milwaukee riots have left many stunned. Sheriff Clarke pointed to progressives and democrats for instituting policies that keep African-Americans dependent upon the government and in a victim role.

During a press update, it was said that the officer who fatally shot Smith wore a body camera. It is unclear when or if that video footage will be made public. You may see that video and press update below.

Milwaukee Police provided updates on the riots through Twitter. They also shared photos after reporting that protesters threw bricks, rocks, and bottles at officers.

One video showed rioters looting stores. The issues at play in the Milwaukee riots seem to be much more than skin deep. This isn’t a clear-cut case of a white, racist cop targeting an innocent, young black man and gunning him down. From all current reports, Smith was armed and his weapon held more ammunition than the officer’s. Additionally, Smith’s own father took responsibility for his son’s death, by saying he failed him as a moral role model, according to an interview with Fox 6 Now. Smith’s father isn’t protesting police brutality, but instead is taking responsibility that because he had been in prison, his son learned dangerous lessons that ultimately cost him his life.

There are many cases that involve police brutality against blacks, but one must question what the appropriate response expected from police is if someone points a loaded gun at him or her? Was the officer expected to tase Smith?

One video going viral allegedly shows Smith’s sister asking people not to set fire to their Milwaukee community, but instead burn down the suburbs. Some have taken this to mean the rioters should attack white people by burning their neighborhoods.

What do you think? Do you think the Milwaukee rioters are misguided? Are they protesting race when this was a justifiable shooting?

It is unclear whether riots will continue tonight in Milwaukee. The mayor has implemented a 10 p.m. curfew for teenagers, and leaders have issued a plea for peace.

Stay tuned. If the Milwaukee riots continue, we’ll bring you live streaming video as it occurs.

[Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images]