$10 Goodwill Painting Sells For $27K At Auction

A Goodwill painting that was originally purchased for less than $10 just sold at auction for $27k.

Beth Feeback, from North Carolina, sold her $9.99 Goodwill painting at a Sotheby’s Auction on Sunday night for $27,000. The sale price was actually a little higher. With auction fees the final price for the painting was $34,375.

Feeback said that the painting was expected to sell for about $15,000 and she was worried that it might not sell at all.

Feeback said:

“I like to set my expectations low because … Murphy’s Law is my religion and I was just afraid that it wouldn’t sell at all … We could see that some of the paintings sold for much more [than] the value that the auction house had put on them and some sold for much less and an uncomfortable number of them did not sell at all, so that’s how come I was concerned … It’s a great return on $9.99.”

ABC reports that Feeback purchased the painting at a Goodwill store in April because she wanted to use the canvas to paint a cat portrait. A friend urged her to check the value of the painting before she added cats to the canvas.

It turned out that Feeback had purchased a painting by Ilya Bolotowsky called the Vertical Diamond. Feeback wisely decided to not paint cats over the Bolotowsky and put it up for auction instead.

But don’t worry, Feeback now has plenty of money to pay off debts, make some home improvements, and buy some canvas for her cat paintings. Feeback even said that she’s planning to make a Vertical Diamond knockoff that will feature several cat faces.