30 Year-Old British Teacher Runs Away To France With His 15 Year-Old Student

Megan Stammers — a 15 year-old student in East Sussex, England — has allegedly fled the country and crossed the English Channel with Jeremy Forrest, a 30 year-old math teacher at the Bishop Bell C of E School where she studied.

Reported missing on Friday night at around midday after she failed to attend school, it is then believed that Stammers was seen boarding a ferry from the English coastal town of Dover to Calais, a French port across the sea, with Forrest in his automobile. Since then, there have been no sightings of the duo who are believed to be travelling in his Ford Fiesta car.

Jason Tingley of Sussex Police released the statement:

“We are investigating several lines of inquiry and are grateful for the support and co-operation from Megan’s family and friends. We are at a critical stage of the investigation.”

It is believed that Megan is not at risk, but she has been asked to make contact her family. Further investigation into the pair’s relationship has revealed that their forbidden love had “hit him like heroin.”

Over several social networking sites and blog posts, Forrest seems to have spent several months messaging Ms. Stammers before recently announcing that he had a “moral dilemma” and asking, “How do we, and how should we, define what is right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable?”

Forrest has been married to his wife Emily, 31, for over a year, and even his closest family members are aghast at the events that have transcribed. The school has released a statement that doesn’t mention their teacher’s rumored discrepancies and prays for the safe return of Megan.