Creepshots: Reddit Users Angry About Invasion Of Privacy Want The Forum Closed

Creepshots, a Reddit message board, is facing calls for closure amid the growing controversy about the sexual photos posted of unsuspecting women. As estimated 40 percent of the naughty pictures posted were allegedly taken of underage girls, according to the Daily Mail.

A forum opponent seeking to permanently close the increasingly popular Creepshots sub-forum are particularly concerned with sexualized images of teenage girls. Reddit has encountered controversy over its forums before when a page showcasing “barely legal” girls was also the target of protests.

Most of the photos posted of reportedly non-consenting women zoom in on either clothed buttocks or breasts. The rather prolific Creepshots poster who goes by the username, Weagleweaglewde, has published up the skirt pictures of a girl in a cheerleading uniform, prompting many of those angry about the online message board to believe the man is a high school teacher; but he could also be a fellow student, Jezebel reports.

One Reddit user angry about invasion of privacy posted this on the internet bulletin board:

“What’s particularly disturbing about the voyeur subReddits is that individuals are having their perverse, invasive, and illegal behavior validated and encouraged by many others. Students should be able to attend class without having their privacy violated by fellow students and trusted adult authority figures like teachers. Girls should be able to go to school without worrying that sexually suggestive images of them are being uploaded to popular websites like Reddit, for thousands to view.”

Since 2006, Reddit has been owned by Conde Nast publishers, which also own the New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and GQ.