Jailed Right-Wing Blogger Hal Turner Secretly an FBI Trained Hatemonger

Notorious right-wing hate blogger, Hal Turner, who was charged and jailed about two months ago with threatening to kill judges and law makers in New Jersey, was secretly on the FBI payroll and trained to incite hate his Lawyer claims.

Wired’s ‘Threat Level’ blog is reporting that during a 45 minute telephone interview, Turner’s Lawyer, Michael Orozco, claimed Turner had several clandestine (oh, how I love that word) meetings with FBI agents. During those meetings, Turner was instructed on how to spew right-wing hate without going too far. The purpose of this was for the FBI to see the reactions of people online to the blog and follow up from there on their own.

According to Orozco:

“Almost everything was at the behest of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” Orozco said in a 45-minute telephone interview from New Jersey. “Their job was to pick up information on the responses of what he was saying and see where that led them. It was an interesting dynamic on what he was being asked to do.”

Whether the Lawyer’s claims have any validity or not, Turner certainly didn’t follow the FBI’s instructions very well, since he’s been arrested and jailed pending charges.


Wired Threat Level, via Boingboing.net.