Jeffrey Gundlach Offering $200,000 Reward For Return Of Stolen Porsche, Paintings

Jeffrey Gundlach, a star bond fund manager, was recently the victim of a theft that cost him roughly $10 million. Thieves took advantage of his latest business trip to New York this week, stealing millions in irreplaceable artwork — and his Porsche Carrera.

In a seemingly well planned out escapade, the thieves made away with Gundlach’s cherished William Wendt painting, along with several other high priced paintings, reports The Los Angeles Times.

Considering the mix of things they took, Gundlach believes the burglars didn’t know much about art. The bond investor added that:

“There are basically four [pieces] that are in the non-replaceable category. The mix of things that were taken suggest that the people did not come to take art.”

Gundlach is offering a $200,000 reward for the safe return of his precious artwork, as well as other items taken from the home, including his 2010 Porsche Carrera 4s, several expensive watches, bottles of wine, and a small amount of cash.

As for the art haul, the thieves made away with one-of-a-kind art pieces, including works by Jasper Johns and Piet Mondrain. Among the rare pieces missing are two wood box paintings called “Medici Princess” and “Pinturicchio Boy,” by Joseph Cornell.

The Huffington Post notes that the item that held the most sentimental value to Jeffrey Gundlach was Mondrain’s “Composition (A) en Rouge et Blanc.” The bond fund manager is so fond of Mondrain’s paintings and his use of prominent double lines that he called his investment firm DoubleLine Capital of Los Angeles.

Police believe that the thieves struck Gundlach’s home between September 12 and 13. They have declined to say if his house was specifically targeted, and have not said if the thieves, who even closed Gundlach’s garage door behind them, were captured on security footage.