Teens Charged With Hatchet, Hammer Murder Of Great Grandmother

Sheboygan Falls, WI — Two 13-year-olds have been charged with first degree murder for killing one of the boys’ great gandmother. They are now being held on $1 million bail.

The teens allegedly went to the woman’s home last Monday with the intent to rob and kill her. The victim’s great grandson allegedly “hit her on the head with the blunt edge of a hatchet,” according to WBAY.com, and the other boy struck her with a hammer. They took the woman’s pursue and other items and drove off in her Buick. They later abandoned the car with the keys in plain view at a local bowling alley, reportedly hoping that a car thief might be blamed for the murder, and had pizza at a nearby restaurant. The victim’s daughter, who was checking on her mother, found the body in the garage on Wednesday afternoon.

In a formal criminal complaint, the suspects are identified as Antonio D. Barbeau and Nathan J. Paape. They are being charged as adults for first degree intentional homicide and could face life imprisonment if convicted. The complaint indicates that they originally tried to load the body into the car to dispose of it but were unable to do so.

The victim of this horrible crime was identified as Barbara J. Olson, 78. According to the complaint, both of the suspects have admitted to their involvement in the incident. A preliminary court hearing is scheduled for October 2.

The local ABC affiliate aired this report on the brutal murder in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin: