Steven Avery Remains Confident Of Release While Online Sleuth Attempts To Prove Guilt

As wrongful conviction attorney Kathleen Zellner gears up to present evidence this month that could possibly exonerate Steven Avery, the Making a Murderer centerpiece is extremely confident that he’ll one day be free.

In Touch reports that Avery, 54, opened up about his hopes for the future during a phone interview with the publication, where he indicated that he was “1000 percent sure” he would be released one day, thanks to the help of Zellner.

“I’m going to be free. I’m 1,000 percent confident that I’ll be free. Kathleen Zellner is the best. I don’t think there’s a lawyer in Wisconsin that could top her, and her record shows it. I know Kathleen will get down to the truth. I’m not going to lose.”


Avery also touched on the family of Teresa Halbach, the 25-year-old freelance photographer who was killed in 2005. Avery, currently serving a life sentence for Halbach’s murder, admitted that he felt bad for the pain Halbach’s family endured, but he was quick to add his own family went through the same thing.

“They went through just as much as I did, and my family. I feel sorry for them, you know, for what they had to go through… Once the truth comes out, you know, yeah, I think they will regret what they all said about me.”

Avery is also confident that once he’s released, he’ll be compensated for being wrongfully convicted, so much so that he’d go on the Big Brother reality show, but donate the winning prize if he should win the show.

“I like Big Brother. Yes, I would go on it! But if I won, I wouldn’t need the money, so I’d have to donate it.”

While Avery professed confidence in his future prison release, a number of Reddit users were busy trying to prove his guilt. Refinery29 reports that an online sleuth who goes by the username wewannawii found a smudge that appears to be a thumbprint on the cover of Halbach’s cellphone battery cover. The web sleuth detected the smudge via an up-close photo of the remnants of Halbach’s Motorola Razr V3, found in the evidence of photos taken during Halbach’s murder investigation. The Reddit user believes that the smudge print matches Avery’s thumb print perfectly.

Is the smudge seared into Teresa Halbach's battery cover Avery's thumb print? [Photo by wewannawii/Reddit]

“The scars on Avery’s thumb in the evidence pic correspond with the scars on the print left on the cellphone’s battery compartment cover!!!”

How could professional investigators overlook something as critical as a smudge print that matched Avery’s thumb print? According to wewannawii, the investigators more than likely “put forth little if any effort in seeking fingerprints.”


Halbach’s cellphone parts were found in a burn barrel on Avery’s property, and according to court documents, the Manitowoc County man was trying to burn Halbach’s belongings after he killed her, but didn’t finish the job before the evidence was collected. The Reddit user pointed out that Avery’s thumb print was seared onto the battery cover, made of metal and glass, because heat can stabilize the surfaces.

“Prints can survive fire.”

Some Reddit users agreed, while others poked holes in the findings, remarking that the research is inconsistent and there’s no way for amateurs to be sure that the smudge is indeed a thumb print, and even if it is a thumb print, there is no way to be sure it was Avery’s.

“Interesting, plausible, but definitely not a slam dunk. First, are you 100% sure that is a print? If so, how? Second, while I agree the lines do line up, we don’t have a great understanding of scale between images.”

Earlier this, Zellner filed an extension on behalf of Steven Avery, requesting more time to compile information needed to prove his innocence. The requested deadline is August 29, and if things go in Avery’s favor, his predictions may come true this year.

[Photo by Netflix]