‘Big Brother 18’: The Female Players Are Blinded By The Men — Can They Make A Power Move And Change The Game? [Opinion]

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At the beginning of the Big Brother 18 game, the women said they wanted to dedicate themselves to an all-women alliance and not get side tracked by the men. Every season the women claim they want to stick together, only to get side-tracked when an attractive man shows them attention. Here we are, halfway through the game and the women are making the same mistakes as they have for 17 seasons. Is it too late to shift gears and take the men out of the Big Brother game?

Zakiyah Everette and Tiffany Rousso stated when they first arrived in the Big Brother house that they were not interested in a showmance and wanted to win the grand prize. That’s not all — they also said they wanted to be sitting next to a female on finale night. So what shifted? It seems like somewhere along the lines, the men took over and the women just sort of took their lead.

Zakiyah looked like a strong woman when she first arrived in the house. She said the right things like “I don’t need a man to feel worthy of winning” and “I am an independent woman.” She has shown the Big Brother fans nothing that suggests that is how she feels about herself because she clings to Paulie with every fiber of her being.

The female contestants are slowly being picked off, and soon the house will be full of the men (or boys). They seem to be using the girl until they don’t need them and then will cut them loose. What’s worse is the women know that’s what’s happening, and they still don’t interfere and say “enough.” They put up with it and go along with every eviction plan the men make, taking out another one of the female player each and every week. So, can the women take control and target the men this season?

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that this week Victor wants to target Zakiyah Everette or Michelle Meyer — bringing the women’s number down once more. If they played their cards right, the ladies could talk the Head of Household (HOH) to nominate a strong male like Paulie or Paul. It would be a power move and could turn the game around.

Like most Big Brother 18 fans, Zakiyah doesn’t spark too much passion. She seems to be more worried about how Paulie feels about her than her position in the house. She doesn’t realize (or maybe doesn’t care) that her outburst could be costing her the Big Brother game. Let’s face it, Paulie doesn’t really like her and once out of the house, he will make every excuse in the book not to pursue a “real” relationship with her.

The women players, Nicole, Natalie, Bridgette, Zakiyah, and Michelle, need to band together and try to find a way to get one of the men on the block as a replacement nominee. If they lose another female player, they cannot take over the house. They are at the point where if they don’t make a move, they should just hand the game over to the men.

We’ve covered that the women could take over the Big Brother game if they wanted. The real question is, do they have what it takes to make a power move? She Knows reports that the women seem blinded by the men, specifically Corey and Paulie, and seem unable to think for themselves. It seems highly unlikely that they will make a big move which pretty much guarantees that Nicole, Bridgette, Natalie, Zakiyah, and Michelle will all be going home in the next few weeks.

Do you think the female players on Big Brother 18 can make a power move and target the strong male players? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

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