Isaac Brock Car Crash: Modest Mouse Singer Fell Asleep At The Wheel

Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock’s car crash made headlines on Wednesday. The musician famous for singing that he “backed [his] car into a cop car the other day” was cited for reckless driving after the car crash involving a City of Portland pickup truck. The Oregon indie-rocker reportedly fell asleep at the wheel in an unfortunate real-life parallel to Modest Mouse’s No. 1 alternative rock hit, “Float On.”

Creating some further Good News for People Who Love Bad News, the Grammy-nominated Brock evidently “hit the rear of a City of Portland Parks pick-up-truck, which hit a Subaru, which hit another Subaru, which likely hit a 5th car that left the scene (perhaps not knowing it had been tapped),” according to a report on the car crash from the major newspaper of Modest Mouse’s Pacific Northwest home base, The Oregonian.

As covered by the leading Stumptown publication, Isaac Brock’s car crash earned him a citation for the traffic infraction on Wednesday morning. The crash occurred mere days after Isaac’s Modest Mouse performed a concert at Portland’s Moda Center complex, the sports arena home of the 1977 NBA World Champion Trail Blazers.

Police stated that the Modest Mouse guitarist was not arrested for driving under the influence in the crash and showed no signs of impairment apart from Brock’s dangerously inopportune dozing. Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson told The Oregonian that Isaac’s reckless car crash was due his drowsy failure to yield for the stopped car when approaching Portland’s Southeast Grand Avenue.

Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock performing at Australia's Byron Bay Bluesfest.
Steregum reported that there were no serious injuries related to Isaac Brock’s car crash. Hopefully the incident doesn’t tarnish Isaac’s reputation with the officials in P-Town; the city has placed Brock’s portrait in the mayor’s office as recognition of Isaac’s artistic service to the community. Brock recounted to Pitchfork his sleepy arrival at the civic ceremony when accepting the honor.

“I just remember standing there and thinking to myself how much I wanted to go back to bed.”

Portland’s police department communicated via news channels that their investigation into Isaac Brock’s auto accident is currently closed. Brock had just completed touring for his band’s recent Strangers to Ourselves release in July — the musician is reportedly already hard at work on a follow-up album.

Brock founded Modest Mouse in the early ’90s grunge scene of Seattle, drawing underground acclaim starting with Up Records’ 1996 debut LP from the band, This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About. They have since achieved major label success with four albums on Epic Records, beginning with 2000’s The Moon & Antarctica.

Isaac Brock’s Modest Mouse outfit released Strangers to Ourselves in March 2015. The band’s first record in eight years, its lead cut “Lampshades on Fire” hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart in March 2015. The song earned Isaac and Modest Mouse their second chart-topper after the forenamed “Float On.”

In a recent interview published by BuzzFeed, the band’s guitarist Jim Fairchild detailed Brock’s singular focus and prolific output while recording Strangers to Ourselves.

“There were tons of writing sessions. One thing I learned about Isaac is he doesn’t settle. I’m not exaggerating when I say I heard at least 50 riffs that could have been really good Modest Mouse songs, but for whatever reason he wasn’t satisfied. There really was no downtime.”

What do you think of Isaac Brock’s car crash? The unintentional manifestation of the now eerily-pertinent lyric from Isaac’s Rock Band and Guitar Hero player favorite “Float On” is a dastardly example of life imitating art.

Let us know your thoughts on the car crash and share your well-wishes for Isaac, Portland’s veritable king of indie rock, in the comments section below.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]