Gateway Arch UFO: Strange Lights Appear Over And Around Iconic Landmark [Video]

Multiple UFOs were captured on video above and around the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. On Tuesday, August 2, at around 2 a.m., a surveillance camera at the Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park recorded several strange lights moving oddly in the night sky. The park posted the video to its Facebook page.

The initial light appeared very high and almost out of frame. It seemed to be slowly moving when it comes into view. However, after traveling just a short distance, the object stopped and hovered. It remained completely stationary like a helicopter for almost five minutes before inexplicably vanishing.

The light was gone for about two minutes, and then it reappeared in a different location in the sky not far from where it had blinked out. This time, it was much brighter. The UFO hovered for a few seconds before dimming again, at which point it began moving in the direction of the Gateway Arch. When it got to a position that was not quite directly over the arch, it stopped and hovered again. The object remained stationary for about 30 seconds before its light went out.

The light came back on in the same position two minutes later. The light blinked off and on a couple of times at approximately 30-second intervals. During one of the periods that it was dark, it apparently moved to a position higher above the Gateway Arch but was much dimmer.

Then a second light appeared quite a distance from the stationary light above the arch. At first, this one seemed to be falling or moving in a downward direction as it flashed on and off. However, it made a gradual lateral curve to the left and then another gradual curve back down toward the ground.


During the entire time of the second UFOs movement, the one above the Gateway Arch remained stationary and dim. Just before the second object touched ground or moved behind a building, the one above the Gateway lit up bright and then disappeared. Roughly 30 seconds later, it or a third object appeared moving in a downward direction approximately where the second one had been moving down.

The light moved nearly straight down while blinking before making what appeared to be an upward arc. The upward movement looked to be a wide turn, but for the speed that the craft was moving, it was a relatively abrupt change in direction. It only flew a short distance upwards before stopping and glowing brightly. It remained stationary for about 10 seconds before beginning to move downward again.

As the UFO approached the ground, it flared brighter, then dimmed and changed course slightly, only to disappear at the exact same spot that the other object had vanished.

This is not the first time unexplained lights have appeared near the Gateway Arch. Others have reported lights near the monument in the recent past. A similar sighting was reported in September, 2015.

Before speculating on what these lights could have been, it is important to remember that UFO just means “unidentified flying object.” This term should not connote that the object is of extraterrestrial origin.

The first thing that must be ruled out in any UFO video is manipulation or hoaxing. Surveillance footage is very easy to manipulate because the hoaxer does not have to deal with camera jitter. It is like having a pre-made background for and artist to render whatever he or she can dream up.

Manipulation can be ruled out in this case because the memorial park surveillance camera was not the only camera to capture the lights.

According to Fox 59 – KTVI, an employee of the Casino Queen named Chase Rhoads recorded video of the light that was over the Gateway Arch while on his break.

“It didn’t fly over,” said Rhoads. “It just appeared … The light on top [of the arch] is red, and it doesn’t flash … This was about 200 feet over the arch.”

In Chase’s video, the light appears to be in approximately the same position except it seems to be strobing very quickly. He only captured a minute and half of video, and during that time the object did not move.

Fox 59 called the National Park Service and the nearby Scott Air Force Base, but neither had anything to report. There were no aircraft maneuvers or drills at that time, and no phone calls or reports of unusual activity had been received.

The only thing that can be said for certain about the incident is that the UFOs around the Gateway Arch were clearly aircraft of some kind. Even though there was a lightning storm in the distance at the time, the objects did not behave like ball lightning or other natural phenomena.

However, they did not display the behavior of conventional aircraft, either. The peculiar way the lights went on and off is not typical of helicopters or planes. Additionally, some of the maneuvers the objects made were not possible in conventional aircraft, particularly the aforementioned upward arc. An aircraft that would be capable of this type of movement would be a drone.

Civilian drones, both preassembled and as kits, have become very affordable and popular. Regulations on flying drones are currently insufficient, and there are no requirements to file flight plans when piloting them. Hobby drones can be fitted with cameras, lights, or just about anything else that is not too heavy for its rotors to lift.

Piloting drones at night above the Gateway Arch and around the greater St. Louis metropolitan area might be a fun prank or hoax for a hobbyist to pull. There is the distinct possibility that the UFOs were nothing more than drones. Leave your thought in the comments if you have another explanation.

[Image via Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park/Facebook]