Roaring Lion Fire In Hamilton Threatens Over 500 Homes And Causes Evacuation Order -- Forester Has Never Seen A Fire Move More Quickly [Video]

Sheri Oz

The Hamilton fire raging in Montana, nicknamed the Roaring Lion Fire, skipped stage 1 evacuation warnings and went directly to stage 2 active evacuations, according to the Missoulian. The Hamilton fire began at about 2 p.m. local time (4 p.m. ET) today.

Montana Public Radio site is providing updated information for the public, including the map below that shows the full evacuation region. New areas are added to the Stage 1 evacuation order as Roaring Lion Fire in Hamilton continues to move. Stage 1 evacuations mean residents are put on notice that they may need to leave their homes. This gives them a chance to gather items they want to take with them. Stage 2 evacuation means that residents have to leave their homes immediately.

The Hamilton fire evacuees are being looked after. According to the Montana Public Radio site, the Red Cross is providing shelter for people forced to leave their homes. Even the animals will be taken care of.

"The Red Cross has a shelter set up for evacuees at the The River Church in Hamilton on the corner of Lewis and Cooper Lane. The Ravalli County Fairgrounds is available for livestock. Gates are open, self-serve."

"The Ravalli County Sheriff's office is encouraging the public to download its mobile app: Search Ravalli County Sheriff at your app store."

"The Ravalli County Sheriff's office is encouraging the public to download its mobile app: Search Ravalli County Sheriff at your app store."

"We have had limited opportunities to put out spot fires near homes, but the conditions are very volatile," Mohn said. "It's not safe to directly attack the fire. There are several hundred structures threatened. There have been some lost, but I won't have a count until morning."

— Cowles Montana Media (@CowlesMontana) August 1, 2016

"Firefighters are being assisted by 5 helicopters, an air tanker, and 3 bulldozers. Firefighters are planning to work through the night to protect the around 500 homes in the evacuation zones. Those on the front lines report propane tanks exploding from the intense heat."

KRTV has a detailed list of emergency procedures to be followed by evacuees and those who are put on Stage 1 evacuation warning. These include having a plan for what to take, where household members are to meet in case separated, making sure everyone has emergency phone numbers on their cell phones, making sure shelter has been ascertained for pets and livestock, staying tuned in to radio stations that are updating emergency procedures and more. Most important is that as soon as the evacuation order is issued, you do not delay but leave immediately.

The phone number for information is (406) 375-6650, the Ravalli County Emergency Operations Center.

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