Roaring Lion Fire In Hamilton Threatens Over 500 Homes And Causes Evacuation Order — Forester Has Never Seen A Fire Move More Quickly [Video]

The Hamilton fire raging in Montana, nicknamed the Roaring Lion Fire, skipped stage 1 evacuation warnings and went directly to stage 2 active evacuations, according to the Missoulian. The Hamilton fire began at about 2 p.m. local time (4 p.m. ET) today.

The fire was named after the road on which it began — Roaring Fire Road — and the name seems to describe the fire itself. The Missoulian described it as a huge plume that moved so quickly that firefighters were unable to gain control at the early stages when fires are often contained. Because of the ferocity of Roaring Lion Fire in Hamilton, firefighters were forced to back off from the inferno several times. Within an hour, the fire began to encroach on homes in the area and currently about 500 homes have been evacuated.

Montana Public Radio site is providing updated information for the public, including the map below that shows the full evacuation region. New areas are added to the Stage 1 evacuation order as Roaring Lion Fire in Hamilton continues to move. Stage 1 evacuations mean residents are put on notice that they may need to leave their homes. This gives them a chance to gather items they want to take with them. Stage 2 evacuation means that residents have to leave their homes immediately.