Khizr Khan Says Donald Trump Is ‘A Person Without A Soul’

Khizr Khan has more strong words for Donald Trump after the Democratic National Convention where Khan instantly became known for offering the Republican presidential nominee a copy of his constitution. Khan says Donald Trump is “a person without a soul” after making certain suggestions about Khan’s wife.

According to CNN, Trump suggested Khizr Khan’s wife, Ghazala Khan, was silenced and not allowed to speak at the convention as she stood by her husband’s side on the convention stage floor.

“If you look at his wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably — maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say, you tell me.”

Khizr Khan and his wife later explained that Ghazala Khan was in tremendous pain over the death of their son, U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who died in a car bomb attack in Iraq, 2004, ABC News reported.

Donald Trump Donald Trump suggested Khizr Khan’s wife may not have been allowed to talk at the Democratic National Convention. [Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images]“I invited her, would you like to say something on the stage when the invitation came, and she said, ‘You know how it is with me, how upset I get,'” Khizr said.

Ghazala explained that she is “not a fighter, I can’t fight,” so she believes the best thing for her to do is to remain silent.

In a Washington Post op-ed on Sunday, Ghazala Khan explained how intimidating it was to be on the stage with a picture of her beloved late son behind her.

“Walking onto the convention stage, with a huge picture of my son behind me, I could hardly control myself. What mother could? Donald Trump has children whom he loves. Does he really need to wonder why I did not speak?”

In response to Donald Trump’s suggestion that Ghazala may have been kept from speaking, Mrs. Khan explained the situation.

“Donald Trump said that maybe I wasn’t allowed to say anything. That is not true,” Ghazala Khan wrote. “My husband asked me if I wanted to speak, but I told him I could not. My religion teaches me that all human beings are equal in God’s eyes. Husband and wife are part of each other; you should love and respect each other so you can take care of the family.”

Although Khizr Khan took the time to explain why his wife only stood quietly at his side during his speech at the convention, he decided to explain Donald Trump’s personality.

“He is a black soul, and this is totally unfit for the leadership of this country,” Khan explained. He asked for House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and other GOP leaders to withdraw their support for their presidential nominee. Otherwise, Khizr threatened, he would continue to speak out against Trump.

Khizr Kahn and wife Khizr Khan says he will continue to speak out against Donald Trump under GOP leaders pull their support for Trump. [Photo by AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill]Khizr went on to describe the Republican presidential nominee as someone whose attack on Ghazala Khan was “typical of a person without a soul.”

However, Khizr Khan had only good things to say about the many people who have reached out to him and his wife after his very public display of disdain for Donald Trump and love for the United States of America. He firmly believes that those people know that the Republican presidential nominee is not fit to be the next president of the United States.

“The love and affection that we have received affirms that our grief — that our experience in this country has been correct and positive. The world is receiving us like we have never seen. They have seen the blackness of his character, of his soul,” said Khizr Khan.

[Photo by AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite]