CBP Helicopter Used For High School Homecoming Invitation

U.S. Custom and Border Patrol officials are currently investigating claims that one of their helicopters was used in the execution of a special mission…helping a Patriot High School student invite a girl to their September 29th homecoming.

NBC News reports that while on a routine mission over northern Virginia, a CBP helicopter was allegedly used to aid a teenage boy ask a girl to his homecoming dance. The helipcopter was used by a Department of Homeland Security employee to fly over his son’s high school and drop a stuffed animal that was holding the invitation, NBC Washington reported.

Classes had just been released and students were leaving school for the day. As the students were leaving the school, they couldn’t help but curiously watch while the CBP helicopter hovered close to the football field as it dropped a stuffed bulldog with a red bandana parachute to the ground. The students then said that they saw the junior year boy walking toward the senior year girl with a handful of pink roses. He then proceded to lead her to the football field to collect the stuffed animal. The stuffed animal delivered the message, “Fall Fest?”, The Washington Post reports.

Irene Cromer, a Prince William County Public Schools spokesperson, explained to The Washington Post that the boy’s father asked the principle for permission to have the helicopter fly over the high school and drop off the invitation. The boy’s father is a senior official in air operations at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“It was completely authorized,” Cromer said. “They did ask for permission. They were granted permission.”

It’s still unclear how this incident was intitally planned or who was actually flying the helicopter, but it is being looked into.

Michael Friel of U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued a statement saying:

“CBP management is looking into the matter and the pilot in command of the aircraft has been relieved and reassigned to administrative duties pending completion of the review of the incident.”