Swipe Right For Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte: He Says He's Available On Tinder

No more can you say that there are no cute guys on Tinder because Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has just admitted that you can find him there. Lochte says that he is a huge fan of Tinder and has had great luck matching up with many beautiful and smart women. Lochte, a five-time gold medalist, is ready to go to his third Olympics with the Tinder app installed on his phone. He is ready for Rio, but in terms of dating apps, Lochte thinks Tinder is the way to go.

According to the Inquisitr, many people assume that professional athletes date other athletes or celebrities, as in the case of Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn, who publicly coupled and uncoupled. Woods hooked up with Lindsey Vonn after a very public divorce, but their relationship drew a great deal of attention because they are both incredibly famous. Vonn and Woods were unable to have a private relationship.

People Magazine revealed that Ryan Lochte is hoping to meet someone to date on Tinder. At this moment, Lochte doesn't have a lot of time to date, as he is still actively prepping for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Lochte had heard about Tinder when he was at the Olympics in Sochi.

"I heard it took off in Sochi [at the 2014 Winter Olympics] and then people were talking about it and I was like, 'Let me try this."

When Lochte got home, he decided to get on Tinder and give it a go.

"So I got on it and I've been matching up with a bunch of gorgeous women who are smart, they have professional jobs and everything. I'm like, 'Wow, this is perfect.' So I've been on Tinder lately. So far I haven't had any dates or anything. I've just been talking with a couple [women]."
Lochte says he has tried other dating apps like Bumble and Raya, but he thinks that Tinder is more his style, and he looks forward to getting back to it after the Olympics. Lochte is very open about using the dating apps and his likes and dislikes.

"Well with Bumble, the girl always has to make the first [move], and I don't really like that. I don't think that's a woman job. So I got off that. And then Raya [an app for celebrities and creatives], I don't know. I'm living in Charlotte so that didn't really work because most of the women you link up with are either in L.A. or New York."
Cosmo indicates that Ryan Lochte has grown up a lot since his last Olympic games, and that shows in the way he thinks about who he would like to meet using Tinder or otherwise. Lochte admits that on Tinder or otherwise, anyone can say that looks don't matter when it comes to dating or meeting someone, but Lochte claims he is looking for more than simply a pretty face. He wants to know that a woman has goals and interests.

"You can't say, like, looks aren't everything because, I mean, that's the first thing that people see. So you definitely see their picture and then you look at their bio and they tell you their job description. I want someone that has goals and all that. Sometimes they post their Instagram name, and you can look at their Instagram and just see how they present themselves."

But Lochte has learned that it's a good idea to keep a bit of a guard up because in the past, he says he has dropped his guard too fast in an effort to let a woman get to know what he is about.

"So I guess my lesson is keep my guard up a little and take things slow. You don't want to rush things. You really want to get to know the person before you do anything."
But rest assured, even Ryan Lochte has bad dates, including one with a woman who was attractive and chatty on the phone and via text, but virtually mute at dinner.

"We went out to dinner and she was a dud, she wasn't funny, didn't talk. If I asked her, 'So what do you do,' she was like, 'I'm an accountant" — that's it. Just boring. I'm like, 'OK, so…'"

Ryan Lochte was able to still look at the upside of that date. He says at least he got to eat.

What do you think of Ryan Lochte and Tinder? Do you use Tinder?

[Photo by Sean Haffey/Getty Images]