Lindsey Vonn Shouts Out Love For New Zealand And Support For Tiger

Though her visit to New Zealand for ski/snow camp was cut short by a crash and injury, Lindsey Vonn has expressed nothing but love for the country. Before she fractured her ankle, Vonn was having a great time, posting the view from the mountaintop and even finding time to take questions from fans on Twitter. Vonn also took questions about her ex, but still buddy, Tiger Woods, who opened his first restaurant in Florida this week, according to the Inquisitr.

But Lindsey Vonn is not going to let a little ankle injury keep her down. She has called the crash a “minor setback” and says it won’t slow her down.

Earlier in the week, fans asked her about Tiger Woods and his chance of ever winning again on the PGA Tour the way he used to before his personal life made more headlines than his golf.

Lindsey Vonn answered enthusiastically over Twitter, “He will!”

While in Queenstown, New Zealand, Lindsey Vonn also found time to see the city, when she wasn’t skiing, tweeting, or taking videos with her GoPro. According to the Otago Daily Times, Vonn loves Queenstown and believes the resort might have what it takes to host a World Cup Race in the future.

She praises the town for its consistent conditions and training facility when she sat down to talk to the ODT.

“It’s always been great training and it’s always reliable conditions – it’s one of the nicest places we go to in the [northern hemisphere] summer.

“I’ve always said New Zealand is one of my most favourite places in the world. It’s so beautiful and the landscape is incredible.”

The selection of the location probably has something to do with her coach, Chris Knight, who was raised in nearby Christchurch. She also mentioned that she loves to walk the streets of Arrowtown, checking out the coffee shops and bakeries.

But when will Lindsey Vonn have a chance to check out the fare at Woods Jupiter, Tiger Woods’ new restaurant in Jupiter, Florida? It’s likely that Vonn will be on the guest list for one of the invite-only parties next month.

For now, Vonn is being examined by doctors back in the States to see the extent of her injuries.

Do you think Lindsey Vonn will attend one of Tiger Woods’ grand opening parties?

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