Jonathan Lyons Flees Cops While Eating Bag Of Weed, Cardiac Arrest Catches Him

Jonathan Lee Lyons found himself in quite the medical position after attempting to flee Terrell police officers.

Rather than add a weed charge to his outstanding warrants, Jonathan Lyons decided he would get rid of the evidence. However, he took “tossing it” to another level.

Lyons was confronted by Terrell Police Department’s narcotics unit around 6:20 p.m. on Thursday, July 21. The Dallas Morning News reports that he already had several other charges for which he was wanted.

So in an attempt to avoid further charges, as police apprehended him, Jonathan Lyons scarfed down as much weed as possible from his personal bag.

The police captain mentions as follows.

“Officers apprehended him and he began resisting arrest. During the struggle, he removed a baggie of marijuana and began eating it. It is unknown if other drugs were already in his system or also ingested immediately prior to arrest.”

Terrell police officers mention that they subdued Lyons before he could finish the bag of weed, according to inForney.

At this point, officers placed a call for emergency services. Once the ambulance arrived, EMTs treated Jonathan Lyons on location. Then, he was handed back over to Terrell police for the arrest.

According to the source, they held the weed-eating man in jail overnight. Police Captain A.D. Sansom mentioned that Lyons “seemed in good condition” throughout the stay.

Yet, the captain mentioned that during his arraignment the next morning, detention officers noticed he was shaking. Authorities called an ambulance for Jonathan Lyons, and this time, he was transported to Kaufman Presbyterian Hospital.

Between the time Lyons was transported and Captain Sansom’s follow-up hospital contact, the medical facility mentioned that the weed-eating man went into cardiac arrest while in their care.

However, at the time of contact, he had been revived. Nevertheless, at the time of the reports, Jonathan Lyons was still in the intensive care unit (ICU).

The Dallas Morning News notes as follows.

“Lyons is charged with tampering with evidence, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana and evading arrest, in addition to the past charges for which police had warrants for his arrest.”

Interestingly enough, Jonathan Lyons wasn’t the only weed apprehension that Texas police encountered over the weekend.

According to CBS News-Dallas, the Navarro County Sheriff’s Office shut down an entire weed operation “along FM 85 and south of the Trinity River,” according to Sheriff Elmer Tanner.

At the location, police found 3,500 weed plants. According to the sheriff, at the weed plants’ maturity, the street value would’ve been in the hundreds of thousands.

Ironically, they also found the campground of those who were nurturing the weed plants. The source doesn’t mention that people were at the camp’s location. However, authorities say that they found hoses and fertilizer on the scene.

According to the source at the time of the report, no arrests had been made. The source also noted that it wasn’t the biggest weed bust that the department has made. However, within the last four years, it is the largest. Although no arrests were made, the investigation is still going.

While weed legalization has become a growing topic between states, Texas is still one that holds its possession as a criminalized offense.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, weed is still a Schedule I drug. As clarification, the agency defines a Schedule I drug as “the most dangerous class of drugs with a high potential for abuse and potentially severe psychological and/or physical dependence.”

Nevertheless, what do you think about Jonathan Lyons’ weed-eating apprehension? Do you feel that the weed was the cause of his cardiac arrest a day later?

What about the weed growing bust? Why do you think no arrests have been made, given the large quantity of weed in the location?

Feel free to share your comments below.

[Photo by Ryan Kang/AP Images]