Six-Year-Old Dover Girl Killed After Being Struck By Vehicle, Pinning Her Against Brick Wall

Police officials in Dover, Delaware say a 6-year-old girl was tragically killed after being struck by a vehicle and pinned to a brick wall. According to Delaware Online, Anya Lorraine Jackson was attending a barbeque at her apartment complex, White Oak Condos located in the 1000 block of White Oak Road, with her family Wednesday, July 20 when tragedy struck.

At approximately 8:30 p.m., a vehicle – 2002 Ford Focus – driven by 26-year-old David Randall of Winterton Lane, Dover was attempting to park in the parking lot of an apartment complex when it suddenly careened into a group of people standing on a sidewalk.

When Wiles realized her daughter was in the path of the oncoming vehicle, she quickly tried to push her daughter to safety, but it was to no avail. The vehicle struck the mother, sending her flying a few feet in the air and striking another person – whose name has not been released – before hitting the 6-year-old girl and pinning her against a brick wall.

Emergency responders were immediately called to the scene, and they tried desperately to revive the girl upon arrival but was unsuccessful. The Dover girl, as well as her mother and another person, were rushed to the Bayhealth Kent General Hospital.

The girl was unfortunately pronounced dead at the hospital while her mother and the other individual sustained minor injuries in the crash.

When Wiles was discharged from the hospital, she returned to the scene of the accident, where she found “stuffed animals and burning candles flickering.”

“I will forever remember everybody coming around and praying together for her,” the mother said. “This is the last place I saw her smile.”

However, what she will remember most is the expression on her daughter’s face when she was hit by a vehicle. Wiles stated that “she just looked shocked.”

“Like she couldn’t believe someone would ever hurt her. I feel like someone is going to call me and tell me it’s a bad dream.”

Wiles added that her daughter had dreams of “becoming a mermaid, a dancer, a singer and a gymnast,” but those dreams were shattered after she was fatally hit by a vehicle.

Witness, Xavier Spady, – who lives in the apartment complex – told reporters that after Randall struck the girl with his vehicle and pinned her against a brick wall, he tried to perform CPR on the child before emergency responders arrived.

Afterward, Spady stated that while everyone tried desperately to revive the child, he noticed the driver acting as if “he was going to get back into his car and drive off.” So, Spady stated that he took the driver’s keys until Dover police arrived at the scene.

Dover police officials say that Randall was under the influence of alcohol during the time of the accident. He was arrested on charges of “first-degree vehicular homicide, two counts of vehicular assault, and driving under the influence.”

According to the Dover Post, Family and witnesses initially told police that the driver struck the victims multiple times, but surveillance footage indicated that Randall hit them once.

Malaina Seaward, who is a friend of Wiles, stated that “there were so many kids out there. It could have been one of my five boys. And it’s heartbreaking because I know nothing I can do or say is going to take away from her [Wiles] pain.”

A memorial was held on the night of Thursday, July 21, at the apartment complex where the Dover girl was killed. The community came together, taking the mother “into their arms, sheltering her briefly from the sight of the crash and the stark reality that her daughter would never return.”

Randall is currently being detained at the Vaughn Correctional Center with a set bond of $34,100.

[Photo by Angel Valentin/Getty Images]