Ohio Mom Let Drug Dealer Repeatedly Rape Child In Exchange For Heroin

An Ohio mom has been sentenced after she was convicted of committing a series of unthinkable acts against her own daughter. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that April Corcoran had been convicted of a variety of crimes stemming from multiple incidents in 2014, which has left people across the nation horrified and an 11-year-old possibly scarred for life.

April Corcoran reportedly traded her own 11-year-own child in exchange for drugs. In particular, she exchanged sex with the child with her drug dealer so he would provide her with heroin. The details surrounding the 2014 incidents are absolutely horrifying, and have attracted reactions of horror and disgust. The Ohio mom admitted that she allowed her drug dealer to have sex with the child on at least four different occasions in exchange for the illicit drug.

During those incidents, 42-year-old Shandell Willingham made the 11-year-old girl (who isn’t being named) perform a variety of sexual acts. Authorities in Ohio say that the child was not only sodomized, but she was raped and was forced to perform oral sex on her mother’s drug dealer. Willingham also filmed some of the sex acts with the child. On top of all of the horrifying sexual abuse the child suffered, the Ohio mom has also admitted to giving the girl small amounts of heroin as a sort of “reward” for her “obedience.”

In court, Corcoran expressed contrition for what she had admittedly done to her child.

“I made selfish, horrible choices that will affect her for the rest of her life. I am consumed by guilt and shame every day.”

The judge didn’t go easy on the Ohio mom, however, even after the woman spoke shortly before her sentencing. Declaring that April did not show her daughter mercy, Judge Leslie Ghiz showed her no mercy. April Corcoran has been sentenced to 50 years to life of imprisonment in the state of Ohio. Even if she only fulfills the minimum sentence, Corcoran will be over the age of 80-years-old.

This isn’t the first time a mother or father’s drug addiction has led them to victimizing their own children. In 2012, a 35-year-old Georgia woman was arrested on accusations that she had traded her own six-year-old child for drugs. Authorities have said the sexual abuse of the six-year-old girl was repeated and frequent, which funded the mother’s drug habit. They became aware of the horrifying situation when a homeless man notified police that he had gone to the woman’s residence to use drugs with her and others. It was there that he had witnessed the sexual abuse of the child.

This year, a North Carolina woman was sentenced to around 20 years of imprisonment, after she was convicted of selling her mentally handicapped child’s body for drugs. The child was described in court documents as being “profoundly mentally disabled,” and was forced to perform sex acts with multiple men to fund her mother’s crack-cocaine habit. One of the more shocking details of this case is the fact that the mother only charged approximately $5 to $20 per sexual encounter with the girl.

In April Corcoran’s case, she was convicted of three counts that earned her a sentence of 50 years to life. She was convicted of human trafficking, rape and corrupting another with drugs. Do you think the sentence she was given is fitting of the crimes committed against her 11-year-old daughter?

[Photo via Cincinnati Police]