Donald Trump’s Net Worth 2016: Republican Candidate’s 2016 Total Assets Rise To $3 Billion

Donald Trump’s net worth has risen to $3 billion in 2016, with the Republican candidate’s personal fortune seeing a considerable bump since he secured the party’s nomination. Donald Trump has in the past faced controversy over his personal fortune, with reports that his net worth isn’t as high as he claims. According to Bloomberg, that’s still very much the case, however, Donald Trump’s net worth has seen a considerable bump since he secured the Republican party’s nomination earlier this year.

With the Republican nominee spending the past year campaigning as part of his presidential bid, it’s difficult to see how he’d have time to grow his personal fortune. However, Trump has had something of a lucky year with his real estate holdings growing as he took on debt. At the same time, Donald Trump has sold around $50 million in stocks and bonds over the course of the past year, which would expectedly contribute greatly to Trump’s growth in net worth over the same period.

That being said, it is difficult to securely pin down the value of Trump’s assets. Donald Trump is well known for investing largely in real estate and with that taken into consideration, it’s difficult to value a building and understand how much it would sell for without that building actually being sold.

If Donald Trump’s net worth is somewhere along the lines of the $3 billion now being predicted, that would still be far from Trump’s own predictions. According to the Financial Post, Donald Trump has been questioned numerous times over his net worth since launching his candidacy. Trump’s persistent claim has been that his personal fortune exceeds $10 billion, a figure which was later quashed with Forbes launching a detailed investigation of Donald Trump’s assets and concluding that they’re valued at less than $5 billion.

When Bloomberg took their turn to calculate Donald Trump’s fortune, their research was conducted in line with the world’s richest billionaires. With that taken into consideration, the publication used a combination of Trump’s financial disclosure to the Federal Election Commission in May, mortgage filings, property records, leasing agreements, annual reports from Trump’s European golf courses, market data on rent, occupancy and capitalization rates, sales of hotels and condominiums and interviews with those close to Trump.


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The estimation of Trump’s wealth has left many wondering why there’s a vast difference between Donald Trump’s own estimation and that from the likes of Bloomberg and Forbes. That largely comes down to Trump’s inclusion of his own personal brand. Donald Trump believes that his ability to license his names on hotels and other commodities is worth at least $3.3 billion. However, others haven’t been so generous in including Trump’s personal brand as part of their estimation of his wealth.

Donald Trump’s securing of the Republican party’s nomination hasn’t been directly linked with the boost in his net worth. However, as Trump has grown ever close to the White House, it’s almost a given that his personal brand has grown, in turning leading to his personal fortune seeing something of a bump too.

For Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, his personal wealth has been a focal point. Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has claimed that his personal fortune only proves his fiscal responsibility. With that in mind, scrutiny over Donald Trump’s wealth is only set to become even more stringent. At present, though, a bump in his net worth is great news for Donald Trump, having just officially become the Republican candidate, however, he’s still far off his own $10 billion estimates.

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