‘Winged Alien’ Creature Found In Mexico Could Be Proof That Extraterrestrial Beings Are Visiting Earth, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video]

Alien hunters claim to have discovered the dead body of a tiny, winged alien creature in Mexico. And although skeptics have dismissed the alleged dead alien body as a hoax, conspiracy theorists insist that the body could be the first scientifically proven corpse of an alien on Earth. Some are calling for DNA tests to confirm claims that the dead creature was an extraterrestrial visitor to Earth.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on July 8, 2016, the alien investigator Brien Foerster, claims that the dead “alien creature” with humanoid features and tiny wings was found “in an office in Mexico City” in January 2016.

“I saw this very odd animal in an office in Mexico City in January of 2016,” Foerster wrote in the description of the video titled, “What Is This Weird Creature with Wings in This Jar?”

“I saw this odd animal in Mexico City. As a trained biologist I don’t think it is fake.”

According to the YouTube video, X-ray investigation of the “dead alien” by scientific experts has shown that it has a real biological skeletal structure and that it is the corpse of a dead creature – not a hoax.

Alien investigators are calling for a DNA test to uncover more evidence about the nature and origins of the alleged creature and proof that it has extraterrestrial origins, according to Express.

“This fairy is very human-like in appearance, and does look real. I wish we could get a DNA analysis of this creature to back it up.”

The video shows a filmmaker, L.A. Marzulli, investigating claims about the alleged dead alien. He is shown interviewing Mexican paranormal expert Jamie Maussan.

“It is a hybrid, and that is something very important, because I believe these are confidential experiments, and why I don’t know,” Maussan says in the video. “But we have a physical body. We can analyze that physical body and prove that something — an intelligence — is behind these experiments.”

Marzulli also interviews a man who appears to be a scientist. The scientist claims that X-ray investigation shows the alleged alien corpse is not a hoax.

“It has wings. We have an X-ray of this creature and we can see the structure of the bones,” says the man in white lab coat.

“So this is not a hoax, because an X-ray would show if it was a puppet?” Marzulli asks.

“No, it is not a hoax. It is not a [puppet],” the man answers.

Alien hunters are excited over the alleged discovery and are calling for DNA tests to confirm the nature of corpse.

“Here is an interesting creature that was caught in Mexico and placed in a jar in a museum,” wrote Scott C. Waring on his UFO Sightings Daily blog. “It is well known that aliens could be any shape and size, even of tiny insect size with genius IQs.”

Waring referred to the alleged alien creature as a “fairy.”

“This fairy is very human-like in appearance, and does look real. I wish we could get a DNA analysis.”

But because the short YouTube clip appears to be a promotional video for a full-length documentary that viewers have to pay to see, skeptics are suggesting it is part of an elaborate online hoax to generate revenue.

“Evidence is pointing to a cash grab,” a skeptic commented on UFO Sightings Daily.

Another skeptic wondered why viewers were not allowed to see the X-ray that purportedly proves the odd specimen has real bones.

“Now, why would that be, I wonder?” the skeptic mused. “Anybody taken in by this would be a prime candidate to purchase a certain bridge, located in Brooklyn.”

But some appeared convinced that the alleged alien corpse was real.

“F**k you, it is real!” protested a believer who was apparently upset by skeptical comments on UFO Sightings Daily.

“That is weird,” another commented in awe.

Brien Foerster is a controversial alien and paranormal researcher, and this is not the first time that he has pushed fantastic claims of discovery of alien remains on Earth.

The Inquisitr reported that Brien Foerster claimed to have sent samples of DNA obtained from the famous elongated Paracas skulls for genetic analysis. He claimed that the results showed the genome contained non-human DNA.

According to Foerster, the Paracas skulls, first discovered in 1928 in southern Peru, could not have belonged to humans or any species related to humans because the mitochondrial DNA included exotic mutations.

The Paracas skulls are believed to be about 3,000 years old. Alien hunters claim that the strange-looking elongated skulls, found in a large ancient graveyard in the Pisco Province of southern Peru, prove that extraterrestrial beings lived on Earth in the past.

Alien hunters argue that the elongated shape of the skulls was not due to the widespread practice of artificial cranial deformation, also known as head-binding.

Head-binding involves applying force to the pliable skull of infants to modify the shape.

Alien researchers point out that head-binding changes only the shape of skulls but not the volume or weight. But the Paracas skulls allegedly have larger volumes and weights than normal human skulls. Other details of the cranial anatomy of the Paracas skulls depart from the human norm, conspiracy theorists claim.

This is also not the first time that alien hunters have claimed the discovery of tiny humanoid extraterrestrial beings.

The Inquisitr reported the discovery of skeletal remains of a six-inch humanoid creature called the Atacama Alien. The tiny creature was found in an abandoned town in Chile’s Atacama Desert in 2003.

The discovery of the strange creature sparked a debate, with scientists insisting it was only a fetus with unusual mutations. But alien hunters accused scientists of trying to cover up evidence of discovery of an extraterrestrial being on Earth.

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