Donald Trump ‘Haters’ Gonna Keep ‘Hatin’ Until The Cleveland Convention

As Donald Trump racked up more delegates nationwide during the primary earlier this year, the anti-Trump groups were also trying to find a way to stop him, counting on anyone they could to overwhelm the system to select delegates.

After winning the nomination, various groups against Donald Trump were certain they would have a fighting chance during the convention meeting to sway committed delegates away from the billionaire.

Friday night, the Colorado delegate leading the effort to stop Trump finally gave up after a defeat from the committee on Thursday.

That delegate, Kendal Unruh, confirms that the Republican Party officials at the meeting made it in such a way that no one would be able to “vote their conscience.”

Reince Priebus says anti-Trumo movement was hardly noticeable.

The Washington Post is one of the sources to report on the meeting where Republicans who have the responsibility of setting the party’s nomination rules overwhelmingly rejected the #NeverTrump movement’s attempts.

On Thursday, the Republican National Convention assembled their rules committee for a marathon session to set rules. The Post says that the rejection was so overwhelming that they decided not to record the tally. Trump supporters killed all efforts to bring the issue back up and confined delegates to their vote for Donald Trump during the primary.

The Inquisitr reported on the Anti-Trump effort, a group who were certain they would put a stop to the Donald Trump campaign right before the convention.

The report by the Washington Post goes on to say that delegates were trying to negotiate and debate over the rules and changes that caused the committee to take at least more than one long recess, among some other unrelated issues they had to fix.

The “crushing” defeat of the anti-Trump delegates happened on the same day that Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick was revealed to be Mike Pence before he said he would postpone the official announcement over the attack on Nice, France.

U.S. News is one of the sources reporting on a new poll taken by Morning Consult across 50 states between April and July of this year. The poll showed that Clinton has a significant lead over Trump, claiming that if the election were to take place today, Hillary Clinton would win.

Will Mike Pence help Donald Trump get back Republicans?

Despite this, however, or the decision made my Republican Party officials; even those who are leaving the party are no more supporting Hillary Clinton than they are supporting anyone else. But many feel that with Donald Trump’s new pick for vice president, he could lure them back in. Mike Pence, previously a Ted Cruz supporter, is said to make his campaign more accessible, and he could even get more evangelicals on his side.

If the Never Trump delegates are hoping for some success, they might have to count on Donald Trump to lose by himself. Many have reported on the failures in his campaign strategy, which could also have something to do with the results of the poll.

But as the Inquisitr reported before, analysts looking at how Donald Trump’s campaign was failing focused on how he didn’t see any reason to start running for the general election until after the upcoming convention. That could also be the reason he’s said to be falling behind in the polls.

During the convention on Thursday, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was spotted at the scene for a several minutes before he left. This appears to confirm the assertion that Donald Trump’s aides were working diligently with the committee to crush the anti-Trump groups, with Manafort making sure the anti-Trump effort was dead.

All sources reporting on this have shared Manafort’s tweet about the group’s defeat.

Kendal Unruh, perhaps in frustration, had no choice but to desperately plead with the committee she had already spent a month lobbying to defeat Trump Thursday night.

“That is a God-given right that cannot be taken away by the RNC or any party of any state.”

Kendal is a Christian teacher who was initially a supporter of Ted Cruz when he was running.

Despite the defeat, it’s reported she said that as a last resort, she will be looking for a fight on the convention floor on Monday, which gives little time for her to generate support.

Even security officials are already predicting that there are going to be many fights at the convention, inside and out.

[Photo by Charles Dharapak/AP Images]