Meghan Trainor Says Hillary Clinton Has Her Vote, If She Decides To Vote At All

Meghan Trainor has no desire to vote, and never has. However, if she did, she says she would vote for Hillary Clinton. Her reason for not voting is not out of refusal to fulfill her civic duty, it’s because she says she just doesn’t pay attention to politics.

Trainor may be too busy to vote anyway, and she has only had the chance once before. The “All About That Bass” singer is only 22-years-old, and the last election was in 2012, when she was 18.

Some who have actually followed politics this time might be opting out as well, since between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, many may be disenfranchised enough to put their vote in a different proverbial hat. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has been gaining favor as voters decide they don’t want Trump or Clinton in the White House, and Bernie Sanders voters are turning to him now. Johnson hasn’t had enough press coverage to make him a viable winner yet, though.

Johnson won’t even earn a place in the debates until his polls reach 15 percent, which is still far enough below Trump and Clinton to almost guarantee that he won’t win. Some voters are simply opting out of voting entirely because they haven’t seen an option they believe in enough to visit the booths in November.

Meghan Trainor says she isn’t planning to vote at all just because she’s ignorant of what the candidates even stand for. While she may be an advocate for positive female body image, that isn’t quite a political stance.

Trainor told the press recently about her most likely decision, “I’ve never voted and I don’t have any desire to.” This was during an interview she wasn’t comfortable with, as the pop star still doesn’t believe she’s famous. Even meeting the interviewer, Meghan Trainor had a bad feeling, “She scared me, looking in there and staring at me. I was like, ‘Eeeeehhhhh!’ All she wanted to do was tell me I look good! I feel like someone paid her to do that.”

Also during the interview, Trainor confessed to being an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights and gun control. This would most likely make her a Democrat, according to popular opinion, even though Donald Trump previously ran as a Democrat. Hillary Clinton likely has the advantage for Meghan Trainor just due to being female, as the singer is all about positive female body image, but that’s speculation. Trainor really doesn’t have a solid opinion about either candidate.

Perhaps if Gary Johnson gains enough fame to make a difference, more people might vote. For now, it appears most people are either firmly behind one candidate or reluctantly casting their vote for the one they hate least. It’s difficult to make a choice when all we seem to hear is the negative aspects of the candidates.


Many celebrities have already cast their intentions in with the candidates, but Meghan Trainor will probably never be among them. If she must vote in 2016, she says, “I should be way more aware. If it was (Clinton) or Trump, I’d definitely vote for her.”


[Image via Mike Coppola/Getty Images]