Backstreet Boys Are Asking Meghan Trainor To Set A Date? A.J. McLean says, ‘When Her Schedule Permits We Can Do It’

The Backstreet Boys’ A.J. McLean is “All About That Bass” these days, after the group sang with Meghan Trainor on an all-star variety show last Thursday. Ms. Trainor wore a matching white jacket so that she looked like one of the group as they performed. Trainor confided to Billboard that she was really excited, and also nervous, to sing with her first real boy band crush. She had a serious case of butterflies.

“Singing with the Backstreet Boys is definitely a bucket-list moment.”

Meghan Trainor was thrilled to get a call back from Backstreet singer A.J. McLean. Not only did Meghan get to Sing “I Want It That Way,” with all the boys, on ABC’s Greatest Hits show. A.J wants to know when she might have some free time to spend with him.

The Backstreet Boys’ A.J. McLean says he wants to work out a time that he and Meghan can write some songs together. He’s really liking her voice and her songwriting talent, but it is hard to mesh their schedules, so he wants to set a date where the two of them can write music. A.J. says getting together with Meghan right now is complicated. Well, it is complicated by the fact that Trainor is on tour this month.

“[Meghan Trainor] and I have been talking since filming the show about us hopefully writing with her. She’s such an amazing writer, so we’re working it out and hopefully when her schedule permits, we can do it. She goes on tour in July, so it’s going to be rough, but I already told her I’ll pop out to her on tour and we can write somewhere on a day off. She’s totally into it!”

Meghan Trainor [Photo by Larry Busacca/ Getty Images]
Meghan Trainor candidly explained to Billboard that she wanted to Marry Brian Littrell when she was a little girl. She was heartbroken when he married model and actress Leighanne Wallace on September 2, 2000.

“My first band that I loved was the Backstreet Boys.”

Meghan Trainor scored high marks with the Backstreet singers, but her date with A.J. McLean is more business than pleasure, not that writing music isn’t fun. The two will probably have lots of laughs and a good time as they create some great music, but that is all that is going to happen — really.

Remember, A.J. McLean is happily married, and Ms. Trainor is such a nice girl, so this on-the-road rendezvous isn’t going to be a romantic one at all, but even so, Meghan is thrilled. Ms. Trainor has written songs with many other musicians, including Harry Styles, and they always kept it professional. Still, this is bound to be extra special for Meghan. A.J. explained their relationship to Billboard.

“She’s absolutely a fan and we’re absolutely a fan. She was like a teeny girl because she was fangirling, which was so sweet. All of her peeps were awesome and she was just a really genuine person. All of the things I’ve heard about her were true.”

The Backstreet Boys are totally smitten with Ms. Trainor’s talent, think she is a sweet girl, and love her latest album. A.J. is eager to write music with her and the boys might even record a song with her. So, not only will she be collaborating with them on songs, the whole group could make a song with Meghan. Wouldn’t that be so fun? It is hardly carved in stone, but it is something fans can hope for.

The Backstreet Boys could record a song with Meghan Trainor, and A.J. McLean is going to meet with her to write songs for their group as soon as possible.

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