July 13, 2016
'Pokemon Go Goes Wrong' Parody Video Goes Viral

A new video parodying the smash hit game, Pokemon GO has instantly gone viral through Huffington Post.

The video was created by comedian team Nick Paris and Kelley Lord, the stars of The Nick and Kelley Show as well as Elite Daily's hit web series Generation whY?!

By now, if everyone's not playing Pokemon GO, they have at least heard of the augmented reality game, which is a free download for Android and iOS devices.

The game boasts an estimated 7.5 million downloads in the first five days following its introduction.

Used through the phone's GPS device, it adjusts to the environment where the game is played.

Vox.com, in an article, "Pokemon Go, Explained," illustrated how the game works.

"If you're at the park, more bug and grass types appear. If you're by a lake, more water types appear. If it's night, more nocturnal ghost and fairy types do. So Pokemon won't just come to you; players have to traverse the real world to catch 'em all."
The game creates hubs where players can meet. Niantic, the game's developer, makes money through selling items that lure Pokemon to these hubs.

The attraction seems to be the nostalgic emotions that affect the users who played the original game when it was launched by Nintendo back in the 90's. The fantasy aspect of it remains, and players are asked, What if Pikachu and all the other Pokemon characters were real?

In their hilarious video, Nick and Kelley took this concept and ran with it.

In an exclusive interview with the Inquisitr, the comedians explained some of the motives behind the short film.

"Although we don't regularly play Pokemon Go, and clearly we're in the minority, we HAD to download the game to see what all the hype was about!"

"We are truly baffled by the extreme measures people are taking to catch these Pokemon! What are you all thinking?! What a wild time to be alive."

The Nick and Kelley team recently just hit their one year anniversary of their YouTube presence. They said, creatively, it's been a very rewarding process because they have a very special bond.
"As professional comedians, we have our own solo projects and full packed schedules, so we try to put out videos as often as we can!"

"When something is super hot, we'll parody it, but our channel ranges from everything and anything sassy and funny."

Nick and Kelley both star in Elite Daily's hit web series, GenwhY?! They said they instantly hit it off when they met on set. They decided to make videos on the side, and that was the birth of The Nick and Kelley Show.
"Our favorite videos are "Cupid Blows Valentines Day" and "Pokémon Go Goes Wrong," and we are so humbled to see the Pokemon Go Goes Wrong video take off like it did so quickly."
The "Pokemon Go Goes Wrong" video has over 350,000 views on The Huffington Post. The comedy team said that they wrote, filmed, and produced the video in 24 hours.
"We're both hustlers and we're excited to pump out more videos asap that take the world by storm."
It sounds like Pokemon has brought a whole new fanbase to Nick and Kelley, so many will be checking back to see what they come up with next.

(Photo by Richard Vogel/AP)