Weird News: Ronald McDonald And The Big Busted Mermaid

Two restaurant mascots are at the forefront of weird news for this week. One sees the most popular of a restaurant spokesman’s take a bullet at a rival in name, at least. The other reveals more than would-be patrons care to see. Don’t worry, in the end, all were okay after the incident.

Ronald McDonald burst onto the scene in 1963. He debuted in Washington D.C., and he was originally portrayed by Today Show weatherman Willard Scott. He was designed to increase sales and promote the upcoming Bozo’s Circus that the local McDonald’s was sponsoring in the D.C. area. He proved successful by increasing sales 30 percent, and a star was born.

Image via Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Since that time, Ronald has been synonymous with the joys of childhood and the Happy Meal. He has his own charity house helping families in need. Though his popularity in front of the camera has died off in recent years, it is safe to say he is still one of the most popular clowns in the world.

It is easy to imagine the shock that the citizens of Lumberton, North Carolina were subjected to when they heard the headline that Ronald McDonald had indeed been shot at a Sonic Drive-In. Ironically, the local manager of the Sonic Drive-In has a husband with the same name as the famous clown.

Ronald McDonald was involved in an altercation with a disgruntled employee, Telvin Drummond. After an argument, both men pulled guns on one another. In the altercation, both guns were discharged. Ronald McDonald was shot. According to WNCN-TV, the injuries were not life threatening. There is no word on what charges either party will be facing.

On the lighter side of weird news, a restaurant in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts turned heads when it unveiled a busty mermaid sandcastle in honor of the town’s summer celebration. Considering the fact that the breasts are covered with a clam shell bikini, the owner of Salty’s Raymond Roy just doesn’t understand the controversy.

“It’s crazy that this has stirred up so much controversy. It’s covered, it’s not nudity and it shouldn’t be censored.”

The controversy surrounding the saucy Salty’s sculpture was actually brought on by the local police department. There were 41 sand sculptures created by Greg Grady and his team from New Hampshire. According to the Cape Cod Times, the police had posted pictures of the sculptures on their Facebook page. The mermaid caused an uproar, and police chief Frank Frederickson was forced to remove the pictures because a few citizens found it offensive.

While Frederickson himself thought the pictures were “terrific,” off color comments and phone calls to the department were enough to make him issue an apology.

“(Censorship) was certainly not our intent. It conflicted with some people so we took the picture down and replaced it with another one. Our apologies for posting the Salty’s Diner mermaid sculpture. It was removed from this site due to complaints.”

The mermaid was designed to mimic Salty’s current logo of a mermaid riding a lobster. The controversy has not stopped people from eating at the local cafe, and Roy has no intention of doing away with the sculpture before the end of the summer celebration. Patrons were interviewed by Cape Cod News, and most looked at the sculpture all in good fun, especially Kara Levoshko of Middleboro.

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

What are your thoughts on the busty lady of the sea? Is she all in good fun or just plain offensive? Let us know below. Is there any other weird news from around the world that you would like to see us feature? Feel free to let us know that as well.

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