How To Stream ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2 Premiere Online: Hit Hacker Drama Returns July 13 With Expanded Season

Season 2 of the acclaimed hacker drama Mr. Robot gets its premiere on Wednesday, July 1. In the spirit of the show, fans who prefer to stream the episode online will have a few options for doing so. Legally, of course.

Starring 35-year-old American actor Rami Malek as emotionally and mentally troubled computer security specialist Eliot Alderson and 46-year-old veteran Hollywood fixture Christian Slater as the title character who may or may not be Eliot’s father, the USA Network show has been praised as “facsinating” and even “disorienting.” Theleft-wing news magazine In These Times described the show as “the anti-capitalist TV show we’ve been waiting for.”

Slater won a Golden Globe award for his portrayal of the mysterious Mr. Robot in Season 1, while Malek received a nomination as well.

Fans who have not yet caught up on the events of Season 1 can watch all 10 full episodes streaming for free online with an Amazon Prime subscription at this link. Earlier this year, Amazon Prime purchased exclusive rights to stream episodes of Mr. Robot, which means that Season 1 cannot be accessed via other services such as Netflix or Hulu.

Viewers who missed Season 1 or just need a refresher course on the complex events and multiple plot twists the debut season contained. Those who just want to jump straight into Season 2 without committing to all 10 episodes of the first season can get a quick recap in the video below.

But be warned — this video contains major spoilers for those who have not viewed the first season of Mr. Robot.

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The following video is a 30-minute documentary that explores the themes and social importance of Mr. Robot — the first TV drama specifically for and about the digital age. This video also contains spoilers, however.

Finally, the following video is a sneak preview of the much-anticipated Mr. Robot Season 2, which may contain a few spoilers, but only the ones that the show’s creators want to fans to know.

Mr. Robot was created by writer-director Sam Esmail, who, in addition to writing and serving as the “showrunner” of the drama, will now direct every episode of Season 2 — no small feat given that Season 2 will contain 12 episodes, up from 10 in the debut season.

“I always thought the writing process for movies and TV shows was just a blueprint,” Esmail told The Verge online magazine in a recent interview. “The making of it was the thing. It’s exhausting, but in the best way possible. Even though there’s a lot of hours spent being very hyper-focused on details.”

Season 1, which saw Eliot join forces with the underground, anarchist hacker group fSociety to pull off what could be a world-changing infiltration of major financial computer networks, left a multitude of unanswered questions and even to hint at what they are would be to reveal some serious spoilers from Season 1.

Fans will just have to stream the Season 2 premiere online to find out how Mr. Robot plans to answer those questions.

There are a few options to stream the Mr. Robot Season 2 premiere, ”,” online. The episode will stream on the USA Network site at this link as well as on mobile devices by downloading the official USA Network app. Non-cable subscribers can also stream the episode on Wednesday, July 13 via the Sling TV internet TV service, whose Sling Blue package costs $25 per month and carries 40 popular channels, including USA Network. But Sling TV also comes with a seven-day free trial, meaning that fans can stream the Season 2 Mr. Robot premiere legally for free by signing up at this link., iTunes, and other download services will also offer the premiere, and the entire season, to stream online for $2.99 per episode or $19.99 for the entire season.

[Image via USA Network Publicity Still]