‘Mr. Robot:’ Rami Malek Gets Star Struck And More Teasers On Season 2 [Videos]

While Rami Malek is pretty famous himself these days after the first season of the exciting hacker drama, Mr. Robot, it seems even he got a little star struck the other day.

Excitement mounts as time draws closer to the premiere of Season 2 of Mr. Robot, coming on July 13. The first season was a major hit with millions of fans and it turns out a few celebrities also loved the show.

According to Malek, he was thrilled when one particularly famous fan stopped by the set. He told Entertainment Weekly, “We had Robert Downey Jr. come to the set the other day,” Malek said. “He loves the show.”

However, while the Mr. Robot star was a little star struck, the visit by Downey Jr. had a lot more meaning behind it. He said that obviously, he had been inspired by the Ironman star, saying he was a role model for any actor. “To have him come and want to see some of the show and hanging out and talk is just a huge compliment.”

Malek was asked if he thought the set visit by Downey Jr. could turn into a bigger involvement in the show and he was cautiously optimistic about the idea.

However, he laughed as he said, “I asked him if he would consider doing anything in season three,” then added, “He didn’t rule it out.”

In the space of one season, USA Network’s epic hacker series went on from being an unknown show on the network to being recognized as one of the most visually and narratively daring drama series seen on TV to date.

While Malek and Mr. Robot co-star, Christian Slater, thought the show would be a pilot episode and not get taken up by anyone, they were both surprised it took off the way it did.

After its impressive run, star Rami Malek and creator Sam Esmail got to experience the excitement of the Golden Globes and the Peabody’s, and more recently have hit the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

While Slater and Malek couldn’t give too many details away about the upcoming Season 2, the magazine did manage to get exclusive access to the set along with the stars and creator of Mr. Robot and some limited detail of the highly anticipated season two, airing on July 13 at 10 p.m. ET.

While viewers were left pretty much up in the air at the end of Season 1 after the attack of Evil Corp, some limited news has crept out.

Back on May 25, a new clip was posted on the Mr. Robot Twitter account that did shed a little light on the major fallout from what has been dubbed the “Five/Nine” attack on Evil Corp and it does sound like fsociety – the hacking collective at the heart of Mr. Robot‘s revolutionary story – did have a major impact.

The released clip does elaborate to some extent on where things stood in the finale episode. Basically people need cash and the financial institutions are unable to give it to them.

The most important thing to note is that a manhunt is ongoing for Tyrell Wellick, who is apparently still missing. It turns out that not only is Wellick suspected of leading the infamous fsociety, but is also wanted for questioning in the murder of Sharon Knowles, which of course we all saw as he killed her on the roof of Evil Corp.

As reported by CNET, one little bit of information did come out about Season 2, and that is the fact we will be treated to a little virtual reality.

Jeff Wachtel, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment chief content officer, reportedly said at Variety‘s annual TV Summit that they had just shot a VR scene for the show.

While he didn’t give any specific plot details of the episode, Wachtell did say, “It’s really about storytelling. It’s intimate and about the characters.”

Rami Malek and Christian Slater in Mr. Robot
[Image: Scene from Season 2 via USA Network]
Esmail, the series creator, said back in March, “I am so very specific in how I want to shoot the show and the visual grammar of how I want to tell the story.”

In more recent news he said that adding a VR element to the continuing Mr. Robot story makes a lot of sense, especially relating to one of the Season 2 taglines in the latest teaser trailer (below), “Control is an illusion.”

CNET theorize that the fact that Rami Malek’s character, Elliot, is still struggling to recover his lost memories could make for an interesting VR sequence indeed.

Watch the trailer for Season 2 to get a glimpse what happens to Elliot, network executive by day and vigilante hacker by night.

Watch this space for more information as it comes in, leading up to the July 13 Season 2 premiere.

[Photo scene from Season 2 by Peter Kramer/USA Network]

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