Bernie Sanders Plans To Endorse Clinton Next Week, And Hold A Rally In Philly Before DNC

CBS News is reporting that a source which is “intimately” involved in the Clinton campaign’s field operations and strategy has confirmed that former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton for president at an event on Tuesday.

Since Hillary Clinton won the primary, Bernie Sanders has been fighting an uphill battle to try and address his grievances and demands to the Democratic Party in order to influence a more progressive platform.

POLITICO recently reported that Bernie Sanders was booed on the House floor during a morning meeting this week, frustrating Democrats that he would not concede his loss to Hillary Clinton by endorsing her.

The same source in the campaign also mentioned that there is coordinated planning in order to “maximize the impact” of a Sanders endorsement, to flaunt party unity before the Republican National Convention takes place.

The CBS News report also points to Sanders possibly giving in to an early endorsement with Bloomberg‘s Al Hunt this Thursday during an interview, which is due to air on PBS’s Charlie Rose.

After Hillary Clinton had announced that she was the nominee for the party last month, Bernie Sanders has continued to push for a contested convention, similar to what Republicans were trying to force — and may still try — in order to challenge the nominee for the Republican party, Donald Trump.

FBI Director James Comey grilled by Republicans for not prosecuting Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders’ decision comes around the same time that Republicans are grilling Clinton’s campaign aides, the director of the FBI, and others over her private email server scandal, which was immediately triggered by the Attorney General for the Justice Department, Loretta Lynch, when she met with Hillary’s husband, former president Bill Clinton, giving Republicans the feeling that she had cut a deal with the Clintons, thus creating a conspiracy to not indict her which further infuriated Republicans.

Bernie Sanders’ supporters have also expressed anger that Hillary Clinton was not indicted or that she didn’t have charges pressed on her, hoping it would provide some leverage for Sanders to become the nominee.

The “BernieOrBust” movement refuses to vote for Hillary at all, which many feel could offer Donald Trump the opportunity to gain some leverage during the general election.

Similar sentiment has been expressed for Elizabeth Warren who has largely been viewed as a hero to progressives who hope will have some involvement in turning the Democratic party around and improve the platform.

A few months before Clinton became the nominee, Inquisitr published a report on possible rumors of Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement, which would have no doubt set the tone for the party’s direction, before she actually fully endorsed Hillary Clinton last month, which progressives felt was a stab-in-the-back.

Defeating Donald Trump is goal by Democrats.

Nonetheless, Bernie Sanders has said that he is determined to stop Donald Trump and has said repeatedly that party unity was important and necessary, in order to accomplish that goal.

The Burlington Free Press has reported that the Bernie Sanders campaign has submitted an application for a permit to hold a rally the evening before the DNC, in Philadelphia.

The video above points to two issues, one being with Hillary Clinton’s new proposal for free college, which Bernie Sanders and his supporters see as a significant and progressive move for the party.

But it also shows that the fact he was booed at the already mentioned closed-door meeting is a significant sign that his supporters are not seen as disposable, or rather that they are more important in order to grow their party against Republicans.

The Burlington Free Press does not offer any details as to what Bernie Sanders is planning at his rally, but many have reported that there is likely going to be a revolt at the convention, mostly from Bernie Sanders supporters who feel Hillary Clinton stole their candidate’s opportunity.

[Image by Wilfredo Lee/AP Photo]