Ohio UFO Chased By Military Helicopters: Gigantic ‘Un-earthly’ UFO Filmed Over Cincinnati

A giant glowing Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was caught on camera as it maneuvered over the Cincinnati in southern Ohio this past week. According to witnesses, a number of military aircraft — helicopters — were in the sky as well, seeming to attempt to track and/or contain the UFO.

The Daily Record reported last week that a Cincinnati, Ohio resident, who was awakened by the noise of overflying military helicopters (unseen but can be heard — barely audible against the night noise of the city — in the video), had the wherewithal to grab a camera to document what he was seeing: An enormous UFO lighting the sky with its powerful glow over the city. The UFO appears to take on a triangular shape with orb-like lights in each of its vertices as well as in its center.

The Ohio UFO video was delivered to Secure Team, which operates as a UFO investigation and expository organization. According to Tyler Glockner, who narrates the Secure Team video postings, the videographer of the Cincinnati UFO claimed to have been awakened around 3 a.m. by the noise of military-grade helicopters that were circling over Cincinnati. The witness, who actually shot the video from nearby Covington, Kentucky, (just across the Ohio river from Cincinnati), estimated that there were six or seven of the choppers in the air, all seemingly searching for something, although at the time, the witness said he couldn’t discern their target of interest.

Still, after watching the helicopters for approximately 20 minutes he decided to film the night sky and, oddly enough, seconds after he started filming, the UFO, which was considerably larger than the helicopters, appeared in the Cincinnati sky. Glockner himself admits that he, at first, thought the object might be a hang glider or a balloon. Regardless, the object, which Glockner describes as triangular, can be seen with moonlight reflecting off of it. He excitedly notes that “this thing is big.”

“You can immediately tell, once you take a look at whatever this craft or object or whatever it is, once you to take a close-up look at it, this thing… this thing, like, morphs at one point and… it morphs and changes its position.”

Glockner quickly backtracks on the position change, noting that the UFO actually does not move but “shape-shifts momentarily.” He then describes the object as “breaking down” in its disappearance, speculating that it might be some sort of “cloaking” maneuver. He continues as follows.

“And we see, just as it disappears, more of these search helicopters flying right towards the area where this thing was.”

The Secure Team narrator notes that two or three helicopters can be seen moving toward where the UFO had been. The object, according to Glockner, appears to be about ten times larger than the military helicopters.

The Cincinnati UFO is just the latest in a series of sightings that have occurred in Ohio over the past few months. One case in particular, as reported by Inquisitr, produced a 13-minute video of a strange-shaped object hovering over Wright-Patterson Air Force Base outside Dayton in late May.

And although its dimensions are different, the “shape-shifting” aspect of the Cincinnati UFO is similar to a recent report out of Siberia as well. In that case, also reported by Inquisitr, a couple of UFO enthusiasts captured to video what they believe was a “shape-shifting UFO” over the small town of Cherlak, Russia, sparking an online debate as to what the object might be. Some of the mystery of the odd image in the video was dampened by an astronomer who explained that the UFO was most likely nothing other than an out-of-focus star. And yet, an argument was also made by popular UFO hunter, Scott C. Waring, that the object was indeed a fast-moving UFO, much like others seen around the world and very much like one he personally filmed over Taiwan in 2013.

As yet, there has been no official mention of military helicopters being scrambled in Ohio to confront or search for an aerial intruder in the area. It is also as yet unclear what the latest sighting entails, whether or not the Cincinnati UFO might be something explainable (like the “Cincinnati Lights” incident of September 2012, where the UFOs turned out to be skydivers), some strange phenomenon that can’t be easily determined, or just another odd UFO video hoax.

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