Monkey Trouble: Man Tries To Board Flight With A Primate In His Pants

An Indian man was arrested by customs officials in New Delhi for attempting to board an airplane with a monkey stuffed in his underwear. reports that a man hailing from the United Arab Emirates had just arrived from Thailand when he attempted to catch a flight to Dubai. Before he could board, authorities at the airport discovered that the gentleman was attempting to smuggle a monkey onto the flight by hiding the small primate in his pants.

The animal in question, which is native to Asia, is known among certain circles for its aphrodisiac powers. According to officials, the loris monkey is an endangered species, so attempting to smuggle one out of the country is a pretty serious offense.

Sadly, another loris monkey was found in a garbage can inside the Indira Gandhi International airport. Authorities explained that the poor little animal was dumped into the bin after the would-be smuggler realized that he wouldn’t be able to carry the loris any longer. The three suspects, Hamad al-Dhaheri, Mohammed al-Shamsi, and Rashid al-Shamsi, were turned over to Wildlife and Customs Department officials before being arrested by police.

Although the monkeys were rescued before any more harm could come to them, authorities explained that the animals’ respective conditions were “deteriorating.” The creatures are currently under the care of People For Animals, India’s largest animal welfare organization.

The New York Daily News reports that this isn’t the first time someone has attempted to smuggle small animals inside their underwear. In fact, trying to sneak creatures out of the country in clothing appears to be a common occurrence.

Not too long ago, an Indian man was caught with 10 turtles hanging out in his underwear. In addition to this peculiar discovery, customs officials also rescued six Persian cats, three poisonous tarantula spiders, and 11 birds eggs from the would-be smuggler and his accomplices.