Israel Grieves In The Wake Of Terror

According to Breaking Israel News, the nation of Israel is in mourning today, in the wake of two terrorist attacks that centered around Hebron over the weekend. In just two days, Palestinian terrorists took the life of two Jewish people. The first victim was a 13-year-old girl who was murdered in her sleep on Thursday. The girl, who had dual citizenship in Israel and the United States, was stabbed to death while sleeping in her Jewish community near Hebron. The second murder was that of Rabbi Miki Mark. The rabbi’s life was cut short when his family’s car came under gunfire from a passing vehicle near Beit Haggai on Route 60.

The 13-year-old victim was stabbed to death by a 17-year-old Palestinian radical. Reportedly, the 17-year-old terrorist, Mohammed Taraireh, scaled a security fence at approximately 8:45 in the morning on Thursday and was spotted quickly by security cameras. Unfortunately, by the time the security team arrived, he had already entered the house and stabbed his 13-year-old victim dozens of times.

Taraireh was shot and killed by a member of the Civilian Rapid Response team. A second member of that team was injured by bullet shrapnel to his upper body, and also lost his right eye in the attack.

The 13-year-old victim was laid to rest in a ceremony at an ancient Jewish cemetery in Hebron. There were thousands in attendance at the service, including prominent rabbis and several government ministers. In stark contrast to mourning, the terrorist’s mother appeared in a video that has been circulated on social media. In the video, she praised her son’s actions and referred to him as a martyr (shahid). Shahid is considered praiseworthy within the Palestinian terror network, and is indicative of someone who died while killing an Israeli.

The victim’s mother responded during her eulogy for her daughter; through her tears, the stated, “I am standing here with a heart filled with pain and I am turning to you, the Arab mother, the Muslim who sent your son out to stab. I raised my daughter with love, but you and the Arab Muslim educators, you taught him to hate. Go, put your house in order.”

The IDF arrested the terrorist’s sister on Saturday night. They claim that she was aware of her brother’s intentions and made no attempt to stop him. This same sister appeared on Palestinian TV after the murder, praising her brother’s actions.

Israel’s Minister of Public Security, Gilad Erdan, made a shocking statement on Saturday during a Channel 2 television interview. In the interview he said, “some of the blood of those who have been murdered, including the latest attacks, of Hallel,” was on the hands of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg. According to Erdan, the terrorist made several posts on his Facebook page prior to the attack. Erdan has often been critical of the Facebook social media platform for allowing anti-Israel posts and other inciting material to remain unchecked.

Less than one day after Hallel’s murder, Israel was struck with yet another tragedy. On Friday, a vehicle full of Palestinian terrorists were on Route 60 when they overtook two Israeli vehicles. The attack took place south of Hebron. During the attack, the Palestinians opened fire and struck the Israeli vehicles with a shower of bullets. One of the vehicles overturned and the father in that vehicle, Michael ‘Miki’ Mark, was killed. Mr. Mark was the father of 10 children and was only 48-years-old at the time of his murder. His wife is currently in serious condition and the couple’s son and daughter suffered some injuries in the incident. The IDF made several arrests in connection with the murder, but it is believed that the killers are still at large.

Mr. Mark, better known as Rabbi Mark, was laid to rest on Sunday and 7,000 people were in attendance at his service. Rabbi Yehudah Glick said in a statement that Rabbi Mark was “like a brother to me.” He also said, “On Friday night, I made Kiddush over wine in a goblet Miki gave me for my 40th birthday.”

Glick himself is the survivor of a 2014 terrorist attack, during which he was shot four times by a Palestinian radical.

“Yet again a Jew is killed, yet again in the Hebron Hills, and yet again in Otniel,” Glick said. “We are people of peace, people of hope and life, who are struggling against the despicable lovers of death who sow death around the globe.”

Nobody knows for sure if Hallel’s murder could have been prevented had Facebook staff members spotted the incriminating posts prior to the attack, and nobody knows if anything more could have been done to prevent Rabbi Mark’s death. But Rabbi Glick’s last word for Israel is one that rings true and brings hope for citizens of the area in this trying time. In reference to Israel’s strength he made the following statement.

“You shouldn’t confuse our love of man, our hopes for peace, for weakness or confusion. With one hand we build the walls of Jerusalem, the city of peace, and with the other hand we hold a sword and fight to the death with those cursed evil ones, those who desire to drive us out from our beloved land. At this time, we cry out in tears from the depths of our hearts to our God in Heaven, ‘Say that we have suffered enough! Our hearts are broken, return from your anger!’ And to our government we say, ‘Don’t be afraid, the servants of Jacob, because God is with us!’ There is a time for war and a time for peace. Now is the time for war.”

[Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images]