Hillary Clinton Email Charges Dropped — Is Bernie Sanders Set To Endorse Clinton Next Week?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has finally dropped the case on Hillary Clinton’s infamous email. After being interviewed by FBI for about three hours last week, the investigative team decided there was not much to go on to.

Though experts have claimed that the emails were probably hacked, according to New York Times, they could not pin the blame down to Hillary Clinton.

FBI Director James B. Comey admitted that the email was “successfully hacked,” but there was no “direct evidence” to show how the email account was accessed by both local and international third parties.

Hillary Clinton Emails

Even author Adam Segal supports the claims on hacking, saying, “Reading between the lines and following Comey’s logic, it does sound as if the FBI believe a compromise of Clinton’s emails is more likely than not.”

Because of the result of the investigation, Lynch has announced Wednesday that alongside FBI, they are dropping the legal charges against Hillary Clinton. Comey’s hardest response to Clinton was just a call out to her team for poor judgment on the matter, but other than that, he noted that there is “no reasonable prosecutor” to bring Hillary Clinton down with all of the evidence that they have.

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Bernie Sanders’ Camp Backing Down, Making Way for United Democrat?

Bernie Sanders’ supporters are still going strong. At this 11th hour, the senator does not seem to be backing down on his presidential campaign.

At first, Hillary Clinton’s possible indictment gave massive hope to Sanders’ supporters, but now that this possibility is out of the way, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are eyeing for Bernie Sanders to finally accept defeat.

According to Politico, Sanders was even booed by the House Democrats when he was in a tense meeting during the Democratic convention.

Sanders, who continued to rally his beliefs about America, said during the convention, “The goal isn’t to win elections, the goal is to transform America.”

With his responses, Democrats turned him down. The House seemed to have a massive support on Hillary Clinton. They wanted the Vermont senator to officially drop out of the race and pile in his support to Clinton.

“It was frustrating because he’s squandering the movement he built with a self-obsession that was totally on display,” an anonymous senior Democrat told Politico.

Bernie Sanders Campaigns In East Los Angeles

“A lot of members are anxious about when is he going to explicitly support Hillary,” said Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.). “And what he’s saying is that’s an ongoing process. But if we want to win, we’ve got to take the long view that we need a platform that is going to genuinely create excitement for our nominee.”

Sanders was also grilled by the lawmakers who were skeptic of his finance campaign on Wall Street reform. He also complained about the superdelegate process that took place this year.

“One person is starting with 900 delegates before anyone even votes,” Sanders noted.

After the back and forth, Sanders left them with a final remark:

“My message was a simple message: We have got to fight for the needs of the middle class and working families of this country. We got to get people involved in the political process, we got to get a large voter turnout, and if we have a larger voter turnout, Democrats will regain control of the Senate and I believe they’re gonna take the House back”

The socialist seemed to be badly turned down by the House Democrats that ABC News reported there are sources claiming he would soon announce his endorsement to Clinton.

For that, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters would just have to wait for the upcoming Democratic event in New Hampshire next week.

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