#TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet Goes Viral! Leftist, Liberals, Democrats, Everyone Is Weighing In!

There is a new trend in town and this might be a good/bad PR that is probably pushing more attention back to Republican Donald Trump.

Earlier today, a couple of tweets started pouring in with the hashtag #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet. It was allegedly promoted first by Baked Alaska, an Alaska-based YouTuber.

The purpose of the tweet is to highlight “hot” and “young” women who support Donald Trump’s campaign. Many users who have seen the rise on the hashtag’s trend immediately weighed in on the “stupidity” of the twitterverse.

The Supporters

Donald Trump’s female supporters are defending the hashtag saying these tweets are their own way to express their approval to the Republican.

Others who supported “Trump’s Girls” said there should be nothing wrong with women trying to create their own way to boost the talk about their presidential bet. They even noted that democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both have their own ways to explore promotion, so why should this hashtag be any different?

The Naysayers

Though the hashtag has been trending for some time now, majority of the responses regarding the issue are negative.

Some people are allegedly using the hashtag just so they could voice their dismay about the online phenomenon.

On the other hand, there supporters are rebutting their claim saying if they do not like to join the bandwagon, they should just stop trying to use the hashtag so they do not add to the rising popularity on Twitter.

There are other users who said that this is offensive considering that the majority of the women in the photos fit into this generic “hot” female stereotype: blonde, busty, curvy and provocative.

Another Twitter user, @deeperfectgem, posted her response to the trend saying, the reason people are following through the hashtag is so they could see the “racist liberals” come out.

As this trend continues to dominate Twitter today, as it is already the top Twitter Trend in the US, Pro and Anti Trump users continue to battle the fairness of this hashtag.

The Other Camp’s Supporters, Is It Fair?

This has been the main concern of the people who are supporting #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet: don’t we have the right to express our support to our presidential bet?

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has massive Hollywood stars expressing their support for the democrat. This week, it was announced that Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz and DJ Lazzy will perform during Hillary Clinton’s Democratic National Convention Event.

Clinton’s supporters are excited for the star-studded event. DNC member George Norcross said the event will just increase the visibility of Hillary Clinton to the public.

“We are really proud and appreciative that this group has chosen BB&T for this very special event. We’re excited to bring thousands of people visiting us for the DNC to a venue that sits proudly in Camden, New Jersey along the Delaware River with a great view of downtown Philadelphia,” Norcross said.

Norcross added that because the location is an iconic place since it represents the growth of Camden from scratch.

With the Philadelphia skyline in the background, it is a perfect time to bring Camden out of the shadows for the country to see what can be done to rebuild even the most troubled of our cities. The transformation of Camden highlights the hard work of many, including the building and trade craftsmen who are committed to rebuilding urban areas throughout America.

Now, with all the buzz on the Clinton campaign, Donald Trump’s supporters might be asking the very same question, “Are we not allowed to create our own campaign for Donald Trump just because our ‘girls’ are stereotyped by the public?”

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