Three-Day-Old Baby Girl In California Violently Killed By Family’s Pet Dogs

A 3-day-old baby girl in California was violently killed by the family’s pet dogs, according to Tucson News Now. At approximately 12 a.m. Monday, June 27, the 33-year-old Fresno mother – whose name has not been released – placed her newborn baby, who was identified as Susie Kirby, on the couch in the living area with pillows around her so that she wouldn’t fall off.

Documents stated that the mother also opened the window and the front door to let some fresh air in the home because it was hot. When she thought her newborn baby was safe and comfortable, she went to the bathroom.

However, the mother failed to realize that the family’s pet dogs, who were reportedly known to be vicious, were not chained up in the back yard.

Just shortly after the mother left her newborn baby girl alone on the couch, the family’s pet dogs – who are believed to be “Shar-Pei and pit bull mixes” – reportedly entered the home and dragged the 3-day-old baby girl outside, where they attacked her.

Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer stated that the mother ran out of the bathroom when she heard her 30-year-old brother, whose name has not been released, screaming and yelling outside. Apparently, the mother’s brother, who is the owner of the dogs, returned to his home on Glenn Avenue near Garland Avenue from the store to find his dogs mauling his 3-day-old niece in the front yard.

Emergency services were immediately called to the scene before rushing the 3-day-old baby girl, who had been attacked by the family’s pet dogs, to a local hospital. Doctors tried desperately to save the newborn baby, but she was later pronounced dead.

Justin Trinidad, who is a humane officer, stated that fatal attack was “definitely heart-wrenching to see a 3-day-old baby had been killed by this dog. It’s one of our worst incidents in the last decade.”

A neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, told reporters that the dogs had been living at the residence for over a decade.

The neighbor said, “The dogs, when they’re inside the gate, they’re very vicious, but when they come outside they know not to attack anyone.”

Daniel Macias, who is with the Fresno Police Department, stated, “For any child to get injured, it hurts. But a newborn, we know how precious life is and it’s very unfortunate this happened.”

According to ABC 7 News, the mother of the newborn, who was mauled to death by the family’s pet dogs, has not yet faced any charges. However, Fresno police officials are investigating the incident, and an autopsy will be performed on the child to “rule out foul play.”

Sergeant Daniel Macias stated that the family was “very upset that night, and obviously very distraught over the situation.”

“We believe from all indications that it was an unfortunate accident, but we are looking into any type of child endangerment or criminal activity.”

However, Macias added that they “don’t believe there is any criminal activity at this point. Therefore, we are currently investigating this as an accident.”

After the brutal attack on the newborn baby, the uncle of the child handed the two dogs over to the Central California Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, where they will be euthanized.

Just three months ago, a similar incident occurred in Ohio when the family’s pet dog, who was an American Staffordshire terrier-mix, was startled when a 3-day-old baby coughed. Documents stated that the dog bit the baby on the head.

The child was rushed to a local hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival. Just like the two dogs that fatally attacked 3-day-old Susie Kirby, the American Staffordshire terrier-mix was euthanized.

A GoFundMe page was created after Susie’s death, but it was soon taken down for undisclosed reasons.

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