Watch Bright Orb UFO Fleet Swarm Around Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano [Video]

A UFO hunter claims that recent footage showing a fleet of bright orb UFOs swarming around Mexico’s active Popocatepetl volcano is probably the most convincing UFO footage that has emerged in recent times.

According to UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott C. Waring, footage showing an eruption of Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano, captured by Webcams de Mexico at 12:12 a.m. local time on June 19, also shows a fleet of bright orb UFOs swarming around the volcano.

Webcams de Mexico is a network of live cameras that monitor Mexico’s major active volcanoes, including Popocatepetl and Colima.

“I have been watching this volcano for over five years and have caught a few UFOs here and there,” Waring wrote a June 24, 2016, blog update, “but this is the most extraordinary video from the live Mexico volcano cam that I have ever seen.”

“Here we see over ten of them flying around,” he continues. “I believe the only reason these UFOs can be seen is that at this moment, the camera had on its infrared mode, which means it can see things the human eye cannot.”

However, a UFO investigator has dismissed the claim that the footage shows UFOs flying around the active volcano.

Scott Brando, who manages the website Ufoofinterest, which investigates sighting claims by online UFO hunters, explained that experience shows such “anomalies” are usually dust or insects flying in front of the camera lens.

“It’s a night-vision/infrared webcam, so it’s more sensitive to small light source or bugs crossing the camera lens,” he told the Express. “For example dust by eruption causes the same effect. Dust near the camera lens is brighter; the furthest debris is less bright.”

Analysts say that the association of alien UFOs with volcanoes in popular UFO folklore could have roots in ancient mythical traditions that linked volcanoes with divine visitors from the skies.

Sky gods are closely associated with volcanoes in the world’s religious traditions.

For instance, the word “volcano” is derived from the name of the Roman god Vulcan, the deity of ancient blacksmiths. Ancients identified volcanoes as a forge of the sky gods. Hot lava was believed to be caused by the god Vulcan forging thunderbolts in his smithy’s workshop.

Thus, it is not surprising that alien hunters often cite ancient myths in support of theories that technologically advanced alien races that visited Earth’s active volcanoes in the past were later worshiped by primitive humans as gods. According to UFO hunters, Aztec myths prove that aliens have been visiting Popocatepetl and other volcanoes for centuries.

By suggesting a close association between aliens and volcanoes, UFO folklorists have simply transferred the traditional linkage with deities to the technologically advanced aliens venerated in place of the gods of the ancients.

This explains recent claims of sightings around volcanoes, according to analysts.

“Volcanoes around the world that are harder for humans to access contain alien bases 4-6km below the surface, and that they use the mouth of the volcano as an easy entrance/exit.”

For instance, footage claimed to show a bright light UFO flying close to the erupting Calbuco volcano in Chile went viral in the online UFO community in April 2015. Others uploaded footage allegedly showing a fleet of UFOs flying in formation into the volcano.

The alleged sightings were presented as evidence that technologically advanced aliens from distant planetary systems take a special interest in volcanic activity in our planet.

Amid the frenzy of excitement over aliens keeping an eye on the erupting Calbuco volcano, Waring delivered a brief lecture on the special relationship between aliens and volcanoes.

“Most UFO researcher, including myself, do believe that some volcanoes around the world that are harder for humans to access contain alien bases 4-6km below the surface, and that they use the mouth of the volcano as an easy entrance/exit,” he wrote at the time.

Popocatepetl volcano is widely believed in popular UFO folklore to host a massive alien base. UFO hunters insist that there simply isn’t any other way to explain multiple sightings of UFOs flying straight into the volcano.

The video below allegedly shows an instance of a cylindrical UFO, about one kilometer long, flying straight into Popocatepetl while it belched ash and dust.

In a separate incident in January 2016, UFO hunters claimed to have spotted a transporter craft airdropping supplies or a “landing pod” containing alien astronauts into an alien base located deep inside the Colima volcano.

Probably one of the most controversial volcano UFO footage in recent times was filmed in December 2015. It sparked a heated exchange between believers and non-believers.

It purportedly shows a strange glowing object flying over the Popocatepetl volcano. According to alien hunters, the UFO was remarkably unlike footage showing lights darting erratically over the volcano. The bright light UFO in the footage flew in a curved path over the volcano, suggesting intelligent control, according to enthusiasts.

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