UFO ‘Transporter Craft’ Airdrops Cargo Into Secret Alien Base Beneath Erupting Mexican Colima Volcano [Video]

Footage has emerged online showing a mysterious UFO flying over the Colima volcano in western Mexico at the moment that the erupting volcano spews toxic volcanic gas and ash into the air.

The footage, reportedly taken on January 3, and uploaded to YouTube on January 5 by YouTube user Miblt Channel, was taken from video recordings by a live camera monitoring the activity of the Colima volcano.

The video shows the volcano erupting and spewing incandescent material into the dark sky as a cigar- or cylinder-shaped UFO appears from the right side of the video frame and flies over the volcano. The UFO flies behind or through the gas and ash spewing from the volcano crater and out of view to the left as the volcano eruption fizzles.


The black-and-white footage has sparked a debate in online UFO forums, with UFO enthusiasts proposing several theories to explain the mysterious footage which has received thousands of views since it was uploaded online on January 5.

Despite the cacophony of theories, UFO enthusiasts appeared to be in agreement that the footage furnishes evidence of an underground alien UFO base in Mexico’s Colima volcano.

UFO blogger Scot Warring suggested that the UFO was an alien “transporter craft” sneaking “something” into the UFO base located allegedly deep inside the volcano. According to Waring, the UFO used the cloud and smoke from the erupting volcano to conceal the “someone or something” it “transported to or from” the alien base beneath the fiery volcano.

“The UFO passes over and through the lava shot up from the mouth of the volcano,” Waring writes. “As it gets above the mouth, there is a bust of light and all goes black. The UFO then flies away. I believe that as the UFO went over the mouth, it transported someone or something to or from the underground base below the volcano.”

Some enthusiasts argued that the “transporter craft” more likely dropped an alien astronaut into the base beneath the volcano and used the smoke and ash from the volcano to cloak the act.

Colima Volcano
Colima Volcano complex [Image via James Allan/Smithsonian Institute/Wikimedia/Public Domain
Others claimed that an object dropped into the volcano crater caused the eruption.

One enthusiast rejected the suggestion that the UFO had used the eruption to conceal “someone or something” it “transported to or from” an alien base located deep beneath the volcano. The enthusiast insisted that the UFO was probably only “refueling,” presumably by harvesting the energy of the eruption.

“Wow. As if it [the UFO] had a preconceived notion of the eruption. I think it leans towards refueling as opposed to the underground base theory.”

Another UFO enthusiast suggested that the apparently high UFO traffic near the mouth of volcanoes only reflects the overall intensity of UFO traffic within Earth’s atmosphere. Alien explorers focus attention on Earth because they find more interesting things — such as human technological artifacts — to observe and study on Earth than on other planets such as Mars.

“Remember Mr. Waring, the UFOs like planet earth because no matter how fancy the aliens are, there are no 56 Packard Caribbeans on Mars… not much of their stuff is as bizarre as that earth automobile,” the enthusiast comments.

The Colima volcano (Volcán de Colima) in western Mexico had a series of minor eruptions earlier in the week, after nearly a century of relative silence. The eruptions came a few days after it gave warnings that prompted an evacuation alert, as the Inquisitr reported.

The eruptions also came only days after another Mexican volcano, Popocatepetl, gave rumbling warnings before spewing mile-high columns of toxic ash and gas. The incident forced the authorities to place thousands living in the vicinity on evacuation alert.

Volcano Colima
Volcano Colima belches gas and ash [Photo By Gregory Bull/AP]
Waring also claimed to have spotted a UFO hovering over the mouth of the erupting Popocatepetl volcano.

“I was going thought the archive for Popocatepetl when I found this object near the mouth of the volcano,” he wrote. “The UFO has a distortion around it like many UFOs often have due [to their] propulsion system. I have been watching this volcano for about five years. I have recorded on video UFOs many times, and many other UFO researches have done the same. The fact that there is a underground base a few km below this volcano is evident.”

Although alien and UFO hunters have often reported UFO sightings during volcano eruptions, skeptics have tried to explain away the alleged sightings by claiming that the UFOs were, in fact, man-made drones filming the eruptions while flying over the volcanoes.

But such mundane explanations do not suffice for UFO hunters who have proffered a gaggle of explanations for the alleged sightings. Some alien UFO hunters have even claimed to spot UFOs flying into the mouth of active and erupting volcanoes.

One popular explanation why UFOs hang around active volcanoes is that aliens take an active interest in volcanic activity as part of scientific studies of the Earth. A second popular explanation, championed by Waring, is that aliens maintain major underground UFO bases on Earth beneath the world’s most dangerously active volcanoes.

Waring and other UFO hunters claim that aliens locate bases under active volcanoes because such places are ideal for concealing their UFOs, since less advanced human technology is unable to access the fiery interior of volcanoes.

[Photo By Bernardo De Niz/AP]

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