‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Jordan Rodgers’ Fidelity Questioned As New Allegations Emerge, What Will JoJo Fletcher Think? [Updated]

Fans are hooked on JoJo Fletcher’s journey this spring on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season and Jordan Rodgers is clearly one of the frontrunners. Gossip guru “Reality Steve” has been teasing all of the tidbits about how the rest of the season goes, and he recently revealed some interesting scoop regarding Rodgers. Now additional outlets are starting to cover this one, and some fans have a hunch this could lead to trouble. What’s the latest?

Reality Steve’s spoilers for this Bachelorette season have detailed more than once that Jordan Rodgers has a bit of a reputation for being a player. Viewers actually watched JoJo Fletcher address this with him to a degree during Episode 5 that just aired, but he was able to convince her that he hadn’t done any cheating. However, others seem to have plenty of stories to share that indicate otherwise.

In a recent blog post, Reality Steve’s spoilers shared several stories from women who had contacted him, including one from a gal who said she had interacted with this suitor of Fletcher’s on an exclusive dating site called Raya. One gal who emailed said that Jordan been active on Raya last fall, and another shared that he had actually become active on the app again as soon as filming for The Bachelorette wrapped.

Jordan allegedly was texting girls again after filming with JoJo wrapped in May, then he apparently deactivated his profile, then reactivated it again in early June. It sounds like Reality Steve has taken some heat for publishing these allegations from sources he won’t identify, but now he isn’t the only site online sharing this. Entertainment Tonight has now also posted scoop detailing that Rodgers seems to be active right now on Raya.

ET shares a screenshot of his profile that another user took and the profile allegedly was active as of just a few days ago. What is the big deal about this? It is not as if rejected Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants head home after filming and stay totally single until the show finishes airing. However, if someone happens to score that final rose during their season and is on dating websites after that while they are reportedly engaged, that certainly is a different matter.

The finale of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season will not air for a few weeks yet, but some think that it is already obvious that Jordan is a frontrunner for JoJo. Reality Steve’s spoilers have released scoop on who Fletcher reportedly picks at that final rose ceremony, and if his teasers are true, it certainly seems as if there may be some drama ahead for JoJo.

Could Reality Steve’s spoilers about the remaining Bachelorette eliminations be wrong? He says that despite this drama related to Rodgers and the dating app, and the latest preview for Fletcher’s finale that teases some emotional drama, that he stands by his information. He has been wrong about that last rose before, and fans of JoJo may well be hoping that he is wrong this time too.

When confronted by JoJo during their date, Jordan admitted that he probably had done some inappropriate things while in former relationships, but he denied ever physically cheating. Granted, Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers have shared that women have argued otherwise, and even his former girlfriend Brittany Farrar alleged during the premiere that he had cheated on her. Would Rodgers really be so bold to go back on a dating app after filming if he was engaged to Fletcher though?

This drama definitely will have fans buzzing and everybody will be counting down to the finale and that “After the Final Rose” special. Is Jordan Rodgers the man who gets JoJo Fletcher’s final rose, and is he really texting other women through an exclusive dating site while engaged to her? Fans are quite anxious to see where things head on this front as the final dates draw near and the finale looms.

Update: Now that other media outlets are taking notice of Jordan’s supposed Raya activity, the Bachelorette contestant is trying to fight back. Rodgers has posted quite a bit on Twitter since this exploded, claiming that he has not been active on Raya since filming ended.

His emotional posts do feel like a bit of a confirmation of Reality Steve’s spoilers to some who are following all of this since he is so anxious to quell the rumors that he has been contacting women since filming ended. Is Rodgers being truthful about this or is he scrambling to cover up some questionable behavior?

[Image via Jordan Rodgers’ Instagram]